Feel me, Amb. David H. Shinn!

"Meles was disarmingly regular, unpretentious, and direct. He was selfless, tireless and totally dedicated to his work and family. In the toughest of times, he retained that twinkle in his eye, his ready smile, his roiling laugh and his wicked sense of humor. True, he never belied any lack of confidence in his judgments. He was tough, unsentimental and sometimes unyielding. And, of course, he had little patience for fools, or “idiots,” as he liked to call them." Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice.

The US Foreign Policy-Maker, Amb. David Shinn got shocked when he only saw quite very few people showed up to protest the memorial service for Meles Zenawi on October 27, 2012 at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York. Many Protesters didn't show up at the church due to the fact that the US have deafened its ears to all the complaints of the Ethiopian anti-Meles Immigrants who are opposing the Meles Regime. In Fact, it is clear to the Oppositions that the American Policy Makers have no interest allowing the participation of the voices of hard-core Oppositions of the TPLF. Mostly, US and other Western countries have no intention of taking any definite questions and giving valid answers without going through the language of Diplomacy. Many of the oppositions have no options while the US Diplomats are degrading their own values on Human Rights, Justice, and Democracy.
Being Ethiopian and American is quite different. Although Amb. Shinn has a shoulder to lean on, i.e. the USA, the oppositions of the TPLF regime have no one to give them a hand in the struggle to build a country that will protect Human rights, Justice, and freedom of speeches. Agreeing and disagreeing with Meles  are part of the tools Diplomats utilize in Ethiopia as soon as they set their foot on Addis soil. That is their job. Doing a Job and fighting for freedom are two different things that can not be co-related in any shape of form. At the end of the tunnel, Freedom Fighters seek freedom to shine over the horizon but a Diplomat gets his/her paycheck for the job he/she performs for his/her country.
The Quote at the beginning of this article should be read very carefully to what extent Amb. Susan Rice would come out and defend the dictator Meles Zenawi using a word like "fools" or echoing Meles's own word "'idiots'" to those who are against him or his regime. It is saddening to hear her vulgar and disrespectful words infront of the respectful, Ethiopian people and on the TV screens through out the world. Amb. Rice triggered the foul language, representing the United States of America as a Diplomat, playing the game of words as an admirer of the deceased person who had killed many innocent Ethiopians. Meles chased his opponents away from Ethiopia, put many in jail for disagreeing with him and many Ethiopians have lost their children, properties, jobs, and their life-savings. Amb. Susan Rice admires Meles only through her "interested/ing "  eyeglasses that put her in The United Nations main office in New york.
"The memorials to Meles are over. New Ethiopian leaders are in place. I deeply hope the new team will open the political process in Ethiopia. At a minimum, it deserves in my humble opinion as an outside observer a chance to demonstrate how it can serve the people of Ethiopia." Ambassador David Shinn
Those who miss Meles can have memorials to Meles again and over again if they do not think that they are not wasting their time and resources but as far as many Ethiopians are concerned, nothing will ever be forgotten and it is a lesson to all Ethiopians to remember to the rest of their lives about the damages that is done on Ethiopia. There is no new Ethiopian leaders in place, it is all the same. The change needed in Ethiopia, from Old to New, is not about having Meles "dead" but it is about having a democratic country that respects the voices of the people by "removing ethno-fascist TPLF regime". Let the ballot box play the role of elections to whomever people choose to lead the country. This is simple. At this moment, There are no New teams but the old guards of Meles Zenawi who do control the apparatus all the way from the Army to the Media. They are Old, Old, and Old again.
"I hope some of the harshest critics can find their way to support organizations like the Ethiopian-North American Health Professionals Association and People to People and less time fulminating. " Ambassador David Shinn
The Ignite is Amb. Susan Rice fulminating all these mess that disappointed Ambassador David Shinn. Then by helping those organizations, Should Ethiopians who oppose the Meles Regime leave to people like Amb. Susan Rice for the deteriorating situation in Ethiopia? Let's not Forget The Genocide in Rwanda, That is her CV.

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