Prisoned in Ethiopia

Taye Danda'a: Taye Danda’a (picture – in front of the Addis Ababa University – AAU) was an outstanding student of Law at AAU and a role model for many students. He had received countless awards from the district-level to Cafee Oromiya for his academic successes. He had been in jail from 2003-2006 due to his political views. Without giving up, after his release, he went back to school and continued his education till his arrest three days before his graduation in 2009. He has been a star student, and he had been hired by AAU as a professor before his latest arrest by Ethiopian government authorities. Taye is in prison since 2009.
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Interview with Sebhat Nega on the 16th anniversary of TPLF on May 28, 2007

Woyane Radio Our questions would revolve around Eritrea, and the solidarity of the struggle of the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea. So my first question is how do you explain TPLF's stand on the question of Eritrea from the beginning to the present time?
Sebhat Nega: That the question of Eritrea has been a democratic and just one was a hot topic and a subject of intense discussion among university students [in pre-1974 Ethiopia]. The issue of 'nations and nationalities' was also one of the many political questions being discussed at length.
Some of them used to say the Question of Eritrea should be seen in the light of the question of other nations and nationalities in Ethiopia.
Eritrean students at [Haile-Selassie I University] were split in two: one group supporting that Eritrea's question is no different from any other “nation and nationalities” in the country. On the part of Tigrian students, there were different groups under various names. The larger group of all these was the "Association of Progressive Tigrians" (Mahber Ghesghestee Tegaru). This group had a wider and deeper appreciation of the challenges in the country. Members used to discuss time and again, asking themselves: "Which one is a more pressing problem: resolving the problem of nations and nationalities or the class struggle issue?"
The group had a mature understanding that the issue of class struggle could be solved if the issue of the right of nations and nationalities is resolved first. This group [which includes Sebhat] considered that the “Eritrean question” was no ordinary question, and shouldn't be seen in light of the question of nations and nationalities of Ethiopia. The Eritrea question was born out of colonialism. The interest of the Eritrean people has also been an interest for independence. Since the Eritrean question reflects the interest of the Eritrean people, it was a just and democratic one.
This was the stand we took after conducting scientific explanations. Given the serious political situation in the country, to take such a stand on Eritrea was indeed very tough. It would bring ostracization by the rest. But we didn't want to gamble on the truth that the Eritrean question was a colonial question, a just demand of the Eritrean people for independence.
Therefore, we took the right stand on Eritrea. Not only that. An arduous struggle was conducted to establish as fact that the question of Eritrea was a democratic one. There was a strong opposition to this approach. There was an opposition even among Eritreans; there were Eritreans who did not accept the 'independence' issue of Eritrea. We campaigned heavily so as to persuade the doubting Eritreans. We wrote extensively about Eritrea, and its legitimate demand for independence. Since the issue was very difficult, we exerted tremendous efforts within and outside of the country and more than any other Eritrean political organization that Eritrea must break away from Ethiopia - and achieve independence.
Therefore, the Eritrean issue is what we have paid for dearly, what we have campaigned for vigorously, what we have exerted tremendous efforts for, that made it our solid policy. We've written extensively. We've lectured extensively. We have left no stone unturned to isolate the question of Eritrea from any Ethiopian problems. The question of Ethiopia's nations and nationalities was easy, simple to understand because most were affected by it. The question of Eritrea was different. It was different to understand it; it was difficult to make others understand it. For TPLF, which was struggling to stand on its feet on an Ethiopian soil, to promote such decisive policy on Eritrea was very difficult. In doing so, we convinced the Ethiopian people. Wherever we moved (as TPLF rebels), to persuade the society to accept Eritrea as a colonial question, was the most challenging of all political problems that TPLF set out to accomplish. Nothing comes closer to the price we paid to promote the Eritrean question as a just demand for independence.
WOYANE RADIO - There is a widespread resentment in the society that TPLF wrote, campaigned, took a firm stand, in short, TPLF fought for Eritrean independence more than any other Eritrean group to the extent that TPLF looked like an Eritrean organization. What was the motive, the cause, and eventual goal of taking such a huge risk? Second, at a time when TPLF was fighting for the independence of Eritrea, Isaias Afwerki's EPLF was swaying to work with the Derg government. EPLF had mediation talks with the Derg. How do you see that?
Sebhat Nega- We achieved political maturity long before the start of the armed struggle. If you ask who created TPLF it is the political conditions in Tigray that created it. It was a response, a reaction to the conditions in Tigray. We internalized the demand of the people for democratic governance long before the start of the armed struggle. Therefore, the democratic behavior, the democratic culture was already created when TPLF was launched. And democracy has no borders. If you have a democratic platform for your people, you don't deny democracy to other people. Therefore, the overriding need for the reign of democratic governance was one of the reasons that paved the way for the struggle waged to resolve the Eritrean question in a just and democratic manner.
Therefore, TPLF was an organization that had an excellent understanding of the Eritrean question, the conditions of the Eritrean people. TPLF didn't take the Eritrean demand as an ordinary question of independence alone. Eritrean groups, on the other hand, took the Eritrean question as the question of independence alone. They focused only on how to achieve independence. They never thought about post-independence Eritrea. Therefore, their program was only of 'independence.' On the other hand, TPLF was worrying about whether the Eritrean rebel groups - ELF (Jebha) and EPLF (Shaebia) - had any thoughts about post- independence Eritrean conditions. They had nothing. For this reason, TPLF was reminding them of the challenges awaiting them after they break-away. To persuade such a group with a fragmented view of independence was difficult. In fact, we never believed that the Eritrean group would - beyond its mercenary program - go and fight for independence to the end. And apparently, ELF gave in; knelt down. Close to the final hours, they had started talking to the Derg, before it abandoned the struggle wholly.
Shaebia (EPLF) was also showing signs of compromising on the independence of the Eritrean people. The power-sharing deal EPLF held with the Derg in an East German city and under the mediation of the East German government was evidence of Shaebia kneeling down to Derg. There were also other EPLF-Derg talks after the defection of Dawit Wolde-Giorgis.* Shaebia was also trying to give in to Derg during the foiled 1989 army generals coup led by General Bulti in Asmara and Generals Fanta [Belai] and Merid Negussie in Addis Ababa. The plan was to replace Mengistu with somebody else, and Shaebia would get its share. After the coup, Shaebia sent a message to us [TPLF]. Shaebia told us to make a swift decision and welcome a delegate of the coup leaders that was coming to meet with us via Adi Quala, Eritrea.
Our response was clear: TPLF knows no compromise with the Derg. The goal of our struggle is to bring about a total change of the system. TPLF might have considered negotiation had the coup been led by soldiers other than high-ranking army officers. Even at that level, we never believed a coup would change the system. Therefore, we turned down Shaebia's request to accept the plea of the coup. Our decision was - much to the dismay of Shaebia - announced on our Radio. Therefore, that was another occasion Shaebia had also considered a power-sharing arrangement with the Derg. The danger of this deal was not only aimed at sabotaging the interest of the Eritrean people for independence. It was also a move aimed at destroying the aspirations of the Ethiopian people for a democratic governance.
Based on these facts, we had written that Shaebia is a treasonous group and can betray the struggle of the Eritrean people any time. In principle, we recognized Shaebia was a strong national force, but its treacherous behavior deprives it the credibility of being reliable and trustworthy. It was not. The coup had also a huge political danger for Ethiopia. The Ethiopian people were never fond of General X or General Y. Our struggle was to create the equality based on unity of the people. On the Eritrean side, meanwhile, there was a book written by Eritreans which said the struggle of the Eritrean people for independence would never be successful because the struggle for independence is not a just demand. The cover of the book depicts an AK-47 rifle placed up side down. However, we (TPLF) published about 200 or 300 books and reversed the position of the AK-47 rifle from the bottom up. The book was titled: "The struggle of the Eritrean people would never be placed up side down."
Therefore, in all fairness, all Eritrean groups wouldn't add up to the efficiency, clear policy stands and the huge sacrifice paid by TPLF to anchor the independence of Eritrea.
We were suspicious that EPLF would betray the Eritrean struggle for independence. Meles said - given the wavering stand of EPLF - that we may face the danger of betrayal on the part of EPLF. It is at that time that Meles wrote the book: "The Eritrean struggle: From where to where?"The book became a thorn in the flesh of Shaebia but a source of courage for the Eritrean people. Everybody knows this. Shaebia members know it. The enemy knows it.

This doesn't mean Shaebia didn't fight for Eritrean independence. Afterall, Shaebia was a strong national force, i.e. militarily. It was a well-organized group with a strong army. Politically speaking, however, we never ruled out that Shaebia was a weak, submissive force that could one day give in to the enemy. We've stated this time and again. We were fearful that Shaebia would surrender but that fear was dispelled because we took measures that would block Shaebia from surrendering to the enemy. Despite showing signs of surrender, however, Shaebia managed to finish the journey to independence. All said, even at the present time, there is no force on Earth that would fight for the independence of Eritrea more than the EPRDF-led government of Ethiopia. Our firm principle on the independence of Eritrea is not what we withdraw when we feel angry, and endorse when we feel good about Eritrea. On our part, we believe the people of Eritrea know very well - except a few members of the Shaebia leadership - that the EPRDF-led government of Ethiopia is the one and only force that would defend the independence of Eritrea. In short, the Eritrean people are very well aware of the fact that no force matches the power of the EPRDF-led government to defend and support the independence of Eritrea.
"Suppose let's say Eritrea comes under invasion by an outside force. I've no doubt the EPRDF government would, along with the Eritrean people, fight against the enemy of Eritrea," Sebhat concluded.
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Feel me, Amb. David H. Shinn!

"Meles was disarmingly regular, unpretentious, and direct. He was selfless, tireless and totally dedicated to his work and family. In the toughest of times, he retained that twinkle in his eye, his ready smile, his roiling laugh and his wicked sense of humor. True, he never belied any lack of confidence in his judgments. He was tough, unsentimental and sometimes unyielding. And, of course, he had little patience for fools, or “idiots,” as he liked to call them." Remarks by Ambassador Susan E. Rice.

The US Foreign Policy-Maker, Amb. David Shinn got shocked when he only saw quite very few people showed up to protest the memorial service for Meles Zenawi on October 27, 2012 at the Abyssinian Baptist Church in New York. Many Protesters didn't show up at the church due to the fact that the US have deafened its ears to all the complaints of the Ethiopian anti-Meles Immigrants who are opposing the Meles Regime. In Fact, it is clear to the Oppositions that the American Policy Makers have no interest allowing the participation of the voices of hard-core Oppositions of the TPLF. Mostly, US and other Western countries have no intention of taking any definite questions and giving valid answers without going through the language of Diplomacy. Many of the oppositions have no options while the US Diplomats are degrading their own values on Human Rights, Justice, and Democracy.
Being Ethiopian and American is quite different. Although Amb. Shinn has a shoulder to lean on, i.e. the USA, the oppositions of the TPLF regime have no one to give them a hand in the struggle to build a country that will protect Human rights, Justice, and freedom of speeches. Agreeing and disagreeing with Meles  are part of the tools Diplomats utilize in Ethiopia as soon as they set their foot on Addis soil. That is their job. Doing a Job and fighting for freedom are two different things that can not be co-related in any shape of form. At the end of the tunnel, Freedom Fighters seek freedom to shine over the horizon but a Diplomat gets his/her paycheck for the job he/she performs for his/her country.
The Quote at the beginning of this article should be read very carefully to what extent Amb. Susan Rice would come out and defend the dictator Meles Zenawi using a word like "fools" or echoing Meles's own word "'idiots'" to those who are against him or his regime. It is saddening to hear her vulgar and disrespectful words infront of the respectful, Ethiopian people and on the TV screens through out the world. Amb. Rice triggered the foul language, representing the United States of America as a Diplomat, playing the game of words as an admirer of the deceased person who had killed many innocent Ethiopians. Meles chased his opponents away from Ethiopia, put many in jail for disagreeing with him and many Ethiopians have lost their children, properties, jobs, and their life-savings. Amb. Susan Rice admires Meles only through her "interested/ing "  eyeglasses that put her in The United Nations main office in New york.
"The memorials to Meles are over. New Ethiopian leaders are in place. I deeply hope the new team will open the political process in Ethiopia. At a minimum, it deserves in my humble opinion as an outside observer a chance to demonstrate how it can serve the people of Ethiopia." Ambassador David Shinn
Those who miss Meles can have memorials to Meles again and over again if they do not think that they are not wasting their time and resources but as far as many Ethiopians are concerned, nothing will ever be forgotten and it is a lesson to all Ethiopians to remember to the rest of their lives about the damages that is done on Ethiopia. There is no new Ethiopian leaders in place, it is all the same. The change needed in Ethiopia, from Old to New, is not about having Meles "dead" but it is about having a democratic country that respects the voices of the people by "removing ethno-fascist TPLF regime". Let the ballot box play the role of elections to whomever people choose to lead the country. This is simple. At this moment, There are no New teams but the old guards of Meles Zenawi who do control the apparatus all the way from the Army to the Media. They are Old, Old, and Old again.
"I hope some of the harshest critics can find their way to support organizations like the Ethiopian-North American Health Professionals Association and People to People and less time fulminating. " Ambassador David Shinn
The Ignite is Amb. Susan Rice fulminating all these mess that disappointed Ambassador David Shinn. Then by helping those organizations, Should Ethiopians who oppose the Meles Regime leave to people like Amb. Susan Rice for the deteriorating situation in Ethiopia? Let's not Forget The Genocide in Rwanda, That is her CV.
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ሰውዬው ስልጣኑን በመጠቀም በድርጅቱ ውስጥ የሰራውን ሃጢአት እየተናገረ
ሂስ እያወረደ ነው አሉ በፓርቲው አባላት።
"አራት የመንግስት መኪናዎችን በአራቱ ልጆቼ ስም አዘዋውርያለው።"
"እሺ ቀጥል!" ቃለ ጉባዔ እየተያዘ ነው።
"በስሜ ሰባት መቶ ሄክታር መሬት ወጣ ብላ ከምትገኘው የገጠር ከተማ
"በሚስቴም ያን ያህል ነው ባይባልም ሁለት መቶ ሃምሳ ሄክታር መሬት ወስጃለው።"
"ሌሎች ተረኞች ስላሉ ፈጠን ፈጠን እያደረክ ቀጥል።"
"በእንጀራ ልጄም ስም እዚሁ ከተማ አንዲት አነስተኛ ባለ ሶስት የቀበሌ ቤት
"በሚስቴ ወንድም ስምም እንዲሁ ከመንገድ ዳር ስምንት መቶ ሃምሳ ካሬ ሜትር መሬት ወስጃለው"
"ሌላስ ቀጥል!"
"በሚስቴ እህት ስም ሁልት ተሳቢ መኪና ከ አንድ የአጎቴ መስሪያቤት በጨረታ
ቃለ ጉባዔ የሚይዘው ፀሃፊ አንገቱን ወደ ባሕረ መዝገቡ ደፍቶ እጁን እስኪደክመው እየፃፈ ነው።
ከዘንድሮው የኑሮ ውድነትና ከድህነቱም በላይ ለታላቅ ጉስቁልና የዳረገው በእንዲህ ዓይነቱ ጉባዔ ላይ
የሚፅፋቸው ኑዛዜዎች ናቸው።
"ከተማው ውስጥም ለጤና ጣቢያ መስሪያ የተያዘ በቅርቡ የመሰረት ድንጋይ
የተቀመጠበት መሬት በራሴ ወንድም ስም ወስጄ ፑል ቤቶችን ከፍቻለሁ"
"እሺ ቀጥል!"
"በቃ ከዚህ በላይ ምንም አልወሰድኩም"
"እንደው ምንም!?"
"ምን ማለታችሁ ነው? ትንሽ አስቡልኝ እንጂ!ከዚህ በላይ ዘመድ ከየት አመጣለሁ!?"
*ኑሮ እና ፖለቲካ በኃይሉ ገ/እግዚአብሔር ገፅ-54-55
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“መለስ ስለሞቱ የስዬ ጎራዴ ወደ አፎቱ ”

አዜብ ጌታቸው
አቶ ስዬ አብርሃ በአቶ መለስ የቦናፓርቲዝም ስሌትና ማጣፋት ህይወታቸውን ለመስጠት ከቆሙለት ድርጅት መባረራቸው ሳይበቃ 6 ዓመታትን በዘብጥያ አሳልፈዋል፡፡ በኔ እምነት የአቶ መለስ አይራሬነትና ጭካኔ ከተገለጠባቸው በርካታ ውሳኔና እርምጃዎቻቸው አንዱና ዋንኛው ይህ በአብሮ አደግ ጓደኞቻቸው ላይ የወሰዱት ምህረት የለሽ እርምጃ ነው።
በወቅቱ በአቶ ስዬና ጓደኞቻቸው ላይ በደረሰው ነገር አብዛኛው ኢትዮጵያዊ ማዘኑን አስታውሳለሁ። በተለይ እነ አቶ ስዬን ለዚህ ያበቃቸው በኤርትራ ላይ ከአቶ መለስ ጋር የነበራቸው ልዩነት እንደሆነ ከታወቀ በኋላ የአቶ ስዬ ቡድን ተሸናፊ መሆኑ ኢትዮጵያዊውን ሁሉ አስቆጭቶ ነበር። ይህ ሁሉ አልፎ አቶ ስዬ 6 ዓመታትን በእስር ማቀው በመጨረሻም ነጻ ወጡ ተብሎ ሲለቀቁም ተደስተናል። የታሰሩት ትዕቢተኛው ስዬ እንደነበሩና የተፈቱት ግን የሰከነው ስዬ እንደነበሩም ትዝ ይለኛል። አቶ ስዬ ከእስር ከወጡ በኋላ እንደ ሌሎቹ ጓደኞቻቸው ጎመን በጤና ብለው መቀመጥን ሳይመርጡ ወደ ትግሉ ጎራ መቀላቀላቸውም በመታሰራቸው ያዘነውን ኢትዮጵያዊ አስደስቷል። የበለጠ ያስደሰተው ደግሞ ከአረና ትግራይ ይልቅ አንድነትን መቀላቀላቸው ነበር።በግዜው እኔም ይህንኑ ውሳኔያቸውን አወድሼ መጻፌን አስታውሳለሁ።
ይሁን እንጂ አቶ ስዬ አንድነትን ከተቀላቀሉ ብዙም ሳይቆዩ ነበር አካላቸው እንጂ አንድነትን የተቀላቀለው ልባቸው እዛው ህውሃት ውስጥ እንደነበር ያመላከተ አቋማቸውን የገለጹት። ቢቢሲ የዘገበውን ዶ/ር አረጋዊና አቶ ገብረመድህን አርአያ ሙሉ ለሙሉ ያረጋገጡትን ወ/ሮ አረጋሽ በከፊል ያመኑትን ለረሃብተኛ የመጣ እህል ዘረፋ አቶ ስዬ ሽምጥጥ አድርገው መካዳቸውን ያስታዉሷል።
•የአቶ ስዬ የተልፈሰፈሰ የሰላማዊ ትግል ፍልስፍናም ቀልባቸው ከአንድነቱ ጎራ አለመሆኑን ያሳየ ሌላው ምዕራፍ ነበር፡፡
•አቶ ስዬ ህዝባዊ አመጽ የሚለውን የሰላማዊ ትግል ዋናና ውጤታማ ስልት አጥብቀው ይቃወማሉ፡፡
•አቶ ስዬ መከላከያ ሰራዊቱን በመንግስት ላይ እንዲነሳ መቀስቀስ ህገ መንግስቱን መጣስ ነው ብለው ይሞግታሉ፡፡
•አቶ ስዬ የወያኔ ጀነራሎችንም ልናቅፋቸው ይገባል ሲሉ ይሰብካሉ።
 ልብ በሉ አቶ ስዬ ለእርዳታ የመጣ እህል አልሸጥንም ብለው በመመስከር ህውሃት እንዲነካባቸው አለመፈለጋቸውን አረጋግጠውልናል። መከላከያ ሰራዊቱ በመንግስት ላይ እንዲነሳ መቀስቀስ ህገ መንግስት መጣስ ነው ብለው በትግራይ የበላይነት የሚመራውን መንግስት ውድቀት እንደማይሹ ገልጸውልናል። ጀነራሎቹን ልናቅፋቸው ይገባል ብለው ጓደኞቻቸው እንዳይነኩ ሰብከውናል።
እንግዲህ አቶ ስዬና መሰረታዊ ለውጥ ፈላጊው ወገን የጋራ ጠላት ሊሆን የሚችል ማን ቀረ ? ብለን ጥቂት ጣራ ጣራ እያየን ብንቆይ …መለስ ዜናዊ የሚለው ስም ግልጽ ብሎ ሊታየን ግድ ነው። ምክንያቱም መከላከያ ሰራዊቱን ከነጀነራሎቹ እንዲነካ ካልፈለጉ፤ ህገ መንግስቱ እንዲከበር ከፈልጉ፤ የድሮ ድርጅታቸው ስም እንዳይጠፋ ከፈለጉ፤ አቶ ስዬ የማይፈልጉት አቶ መለስን ብቻ ነው ማለት ነው።
ይህ በእንዲህ ቀጥሎ ቆይቶ፣ ሰው ያስባል ጌታ ይፈጽማል ሆነና በቅርቡ የአቶ ስዬና የሌላው ተቃዋሚ ወገን የጋራ ባላጋራ የነበሩት መለስ ዜናዊ ባልተጠበቀ ሁኔታ ተመልሰው ወደ ማይመጡበት አለም መሄዳቸው እውነት ሆነ። ይህ ማለት ደግሞ የአቶ ስዬ የትግል ጉዞ ተቋጨ ማለት ነው። በሌላ አገላለጽ ” መለስ ስለሞቱ የስዬ ጎራዴ ወደ አፎቱ”መሆኑ ነው።
ሰሞኑን ያረጋገጡልንም ይህንኑ ነው። አቶ ስዬ ጭራሽ በአቶ መለስ ሞት ተደስተናል ያሉ ወገኖችን ኢትዮጵያዊ ጨዋነታችንን ያልተከተለ አስነዋሪ ተግባር ፈጽመዋል ሲሉ ወቅሰዋል። አቶ ስዬ እነኚህ ወገኖች ምንም እንኳ ጥቂት ቢሆኑም ጥላቻን በማዛመት ከፍተኛ ጥፋት ሊያደርሱ ይችላሉ በማለት ወቀሳና ስጋት የቀላቀለ አስተያየት ሰጥተዋል።
እንዲያው አቶ ስዬን ልጠይቅ የምሻው ለመሆኑ ኢትዮጵያዊ ጨዋነትን ፤ ባፍጢሙ የደፋው ማነውና ነው ዛሬ ያገርዎ ልጅ ለዛውም በጠላትነት የፈረጁት ሰው ሲሞት ተደስተናል ያሉ ወገኖችን ወቃሽ የሆኑት?
ለመሆኑ ፕሮፌሰር መስፍንን የሚያህል በሺህ የሚቆጠር ዜጋ ያነጹ ውድና የሃገር ቅርስ የሆኑ የ76 አመት አዛውንት በማንም ውርጋጥ በሰደፍ እየተመቱ ዘብጥያ የተጣሉት ኢትዮጵያዊ ጨዋነታችን ፈቅዶት ይሆን?
ለመሆኑ በሞተው ወንድሙ ሬሳ ላይ ተንበርክኮ የሚያለቅስን ህጻን በጥይት በሳስቶ በሬሳ ላይ ሬሳ መደራረብ ኢትዮጵያዊ ባህል ነበርን?
ለመሆኑ ወራዳ ! ጨምላቃ! የበሰበሰ! ….የሚሉት አስነዋሪ ቃሎች በማን ይዘወተሩ እንደ ነበር ኢትዮጵያዊ ጨዋነታችን ተናደ ብለው የተቆጩት አቶ ስዪ ያስታውሱ ይሆን? እረ ስንቱን ልጥቀስ….
እናም አቶ ስዬ ሆይ! ከላይ የጠቃቀስኩዋቸው የባህል ጥሰቶች ብቻም ሳይሆኑ ግፎች ሲፈጸሙ የት ነበሩ? ያኔ ቃል ያልተነፈሱት ዛሬ በጭካኔ በትራቸው እርስዎንም ሳይቀር በዠለጡት መለስ ዜናዊ ሞት በተሳለቁ ሰዎች ማዘንዎ ከተለከፉበት የዘረኝነት በሽታ የመነጨ እንጂ ሌላ ምን ሊሆን ይችላል እንበል?
አቶ ስዬ በቅርቡ በሲያትል ባደረጉት ንግግር ግልጽ ያደረጉት ዋናው ነገር ከእንግዲህ በሰላማዊም ይሁን በትጥቅ ትግል የህውሃትን መንግስት ከስሩ ነቅሎ ለመጣል ከሚታገለው ወገን ጋር ምንም የጋራ ነገር እንደሌላቸው ነው፡፡
•አቶ ስዬ በንግግራቸው ለ21 ዓመት የነበረውን ሰላም እንዲቀጥል ሲሉ ተደምጠዋል። በአቶ ስዬ አባባል ጦርነት እስከሌለ ድረስ ሁሉ ነገር ሰላም ነው።
•በአቶ ስዬ አባባል ጦርነት እስከሌለ ድረስ ዜጎች ያለጥፋታቸው ለዘመናት በእስር መማቀቃቸው ኢሃዴግ ታግሎ ያመጣው ሰላማዊ እስር በመሆኑ ወደፊትም መቀጠል አለበት።
•አቶ ስዬ የሚሉን የባሩድ ጭስ ሰማዩን እስካልሸፈነ ድረስ ሰላማዊ ሰልፍ የወጡ ዜጎችን መረሸን ከሰላም ጋር ምንም ግንኙነት የለውም። ገዳዮቹም ሰላማዊ ገዳዮች ሟቾቹም ሰላማዊ ሟቾች ናቸው።
•አቶ ስዬ እንደሚያስረዱን ባዙቃ እስካልተንተከተከ ድረስ 80 ሚሊዮኑን ህዝብ ለድህነትና ለርሃብ አጋልጦ የአንድ ዘር ውላጅ የሆነው አናሳ ክፍል በዘረፋና በምዝበራ ሃብት መሰብሰቡ ሰላማዊ ምዝበራ ስለሆነ እንደነበር እንዲቀጥል መታገል አለብን።
ቃል በቃል ባይሆንም አቶ ስዬ ህዝቡ ንብረቱን ማጣት ስለማይፈልግ መረጋጋትና ሰላም ይፈልጋል አይነት መልዕክት ያለው ነገር ተናግረዋል፡፡
እንደኔ ግምት አቶ ስዬ ህዝቡ ሲሉ የትግራይን ሕዝብ ማለታቸው ነው፡፡ ምክንያቱም በመጀመሪያ ደረጃ ንብረቴን እንዳላጣ ብሎ ሊሰጋ የሚችለው ንብረት ያለው ህዝብ ነው። ስለዚህ ንብረቴን እንዳላጣ ብሎ የሚሰጋው፤ የሚልሰው የሚቀምሰው አጥቶ የሚሰቃየው የኢትዮጵያ ህዝብ ሳይሆን 21 ዓመት ዘርፎና መዝብሮ ንብረት ያከማቸ ህዝብ ነው።
በሲያትሉ ንግግራቸው በከፊል የግብረገብ አስተማሪ በከፊል የባህል ተቆርቋሪ በጨረፍታ ደግሞ የትግል ስትራተጂ ነዳፊ የመሰሉት አቶ ስዬ፤ ሱዛን ራይስን ከመንቀፍ ይልቅ ብንደግፋት ይሻል ነበር በሚል አርቆ አሳቢ ያስመስለኛል ያሉትን ምክር ቢጤም ሰንዝረዋል። በርግጥም ሱዛን ራይስን በመስደብ ወይም በመቃወም የሚገኝ ጥቅም ላይኖር ይችላል፡፤ ይሁንና አቶ ስዬ የሰጡት ምክር የአሜሪካ ባለስልጣናትን ሞገስ ለማግኘት ፈልገው ካልሆነ በስተቀር ሱዛን ራይስን በማወደስም ቢሆን ምንም ጠብ የሚል ነገር እንደሌለ እሳቸውም ያውቁታል እኛም እናውቀዋለን።
በደምላላው አቶ ስዬ ከመለስ በስተቀር ከቀሪው የወያኔ መንግስትና ባልስልጣናት ጋር ምንም አይነት ቅራኔ ስለሌላቸው በሲያትሉ ንግግራቸው ከዚህ በፊት በመጠኑም ቢሆን ያውግዙት የነበረውን የመንግስት ኢዲሞክራሲና ኢሰባዊ ተግባር ከማውገዝ ተቆጥበዋል። ይህ ደግሞ በራሱ የአቶ ስዬ ቀጣዩ እንቅስቃሴ ምንና ወዴት አቅጣጫ እንደሚሆን የሚጠቁም ይመስለኛል።
ሌላው ከአቶ ስዬ የአነጋገር ዘይቤ የተገነዘብኩት እራሳቸውን” ከኛ በላይ ስለ ትግልና ፖለቲካ ላሳር… አይነት እራስን አግዝፎ የማየት ስሜትን ነው። አላወቅሽ ….አሉ!
ባጠቃላይ ከላይ ለመግለጽ እንደሞከርኩት የአቶ ስዬ የተቃዋሚነት ጉዞ በአቶ መለስ ሞት ማግስት ተቋጭታል። አቶ ስዬ ትልቁ ጠላታቸው መለስ ነበሩ። ከእስር በኋላ ወደ ትግል የገቡበት አላማም በቀልን እንጂ የነጻነትና የዲሞክራሲን መከበር ያማከለ አልነበረም፡፤
የአቶ ስዬ 2 ዋና ዋና አላማዎች፦
 1. ኛና ቀዳሚው አላማ መለስን ስልጣኑን አሳጥቶ መበቀል ከተቻለም ስልጣኑን መረከብ ነበር
2. 2ኛው በአንድነት ፓርቲ ውስጥ ግዙፍ ስልጣን ይዞ የትግራይ ተወላጆች ለ21 አመት በዘረፉት ሃብት ያገኙትን የኢኮኖሚ የበላይነት ሳይለቁ እንዲቆዩ ማድረግ ነው።ይህም ደግሞ
 ህዝቡ ንብረቱን እንዳያጣ ስለሚሰጋ ሰላምና መረጋጋት ይፈልጋል ሲሉ አረጋግጠልናል።አቶ ስዬ አንድነት ፓርቲን የተቀላቀሉትም ለዋናው አላማቸው እንደ ስትራተጂ ለመጠቀም እንጂ አንድነትን አላማ አድርገው አለመሆኑን በንግግራቸው ቁልጭ አድርገው አሳይተውናል።
እኛም አውቀናል የዲሞክራሲ ናፋቂው ወገን አላማና የአቶ ስዬ አብርሃ አላማ የመሳ ለመሳ ቅራኔ ያለው መሆኑን ተረድተናል። ዲሞክራሲ ናፋቂው ወገን አቶ መለስ ኖረው መንግስታቸው ቢሞት ይመርጣል።አቶ ስዬ ደግሞ የሚሹት ተቃራኒውን ነው።ስለዚህ ለግዜው አቶ ስዬ ፌርማታቸው ላይ ደርሰው ወርደዋል። ከአሁን በኋላ አቋራጭ መንገድ ፈልገው ወደ ትውልድ ሰፈራቸው መግባት ነው። እኛም እስከ …..እንጓዛለን እንደርሳለንም።

ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም በክብር ትኑር
አዜብ ጌታቸው
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