The Meles Regime brutality still continues in Ethiopia

Many human rights activists, members and leaders of opposition party have been arrested, tortured and imprisoned for their peaceful activities before and after the last May election. Most of them are given long prison terms without a rule of law and have faced violation of their human rights by TPLF regime and Meles Zenawi. The prisoners are in a horrible condition in prison. All the political prisoners and prisoners of conscious are arrested without warrant by Regime, and are brutally interrogated and tortured at the Kaliti and Kerchele Prison.
The Meles Regime is still committing arbitrary arrests, torture, inhuman treatment and denial of freedom of speech, expression and movement. The worst thing is that the leaders and members of Kinijit are being held in various prisons across Ethiopia, suffering as a consequence of their involvement in last year May election and believing in a peaceful struggle for freedom and democracy.
More recent reports have stated that Dr. Birhanu Nega, an elected Mayor of Addis Ababa, has suffered from a shortage of Oxygen in his body. There is also concern that he has developed these problems due to the extraordinarily long periods of solitary confinement in a terrible condition of the prison cell. His families are also reported to be having a stress and illness due to Dr. Birhanu's situation in Kaliti Prison cell.
The prisoners' health deteriorates as a result of torture, improper food and inappropriate accommodation. Kaliti and Kerchele Prison Centers have become a distributing centers of communicable diseases because the prisoners of conscious and 400 other prisoners are congested and crammed into one tiny cell with that much capacity . The health condition in Kaliti prison is terrible.
Meles and his co. are disrespectful of prisoners of conscious and still continues to detain them.
Inside Ethiopia, there are no human rights watch groups which are able to watch the condition of prisoners of conscious who are in the prisons and detention centers across the country. These concerns should have been raised by the human rights watchdogs and stressed out the inhuman conditions in these jails and claims of brutality and congestion to the international community. Ethiopians all over the world absolutely believe that the terrible condition of Ethiopian political prisoners will carry on until there is a democratic government that respects human rights and values, and solves political problems in the right way in Ethiopia.

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