EPPF has transformed from Guerrilla Warfare to a People’s Warfare.

EPPF Army is currently engaging the Weyane soldiers in heavy fighting in Gonder, Gojam and Wollo. EPPF army inflicted heavy damages by killing hundreds of Weyane soldiers and capturing numerous light and heavy weapons.
The Weyane army has been launching counter attacks by sending in reinforcements troops, equipped with armored vehicles and supported by attack helicopters. The Weyane soldiers are going into villages killing, imprisoning and torturing civilians. The Meles/Weyane regime is indiscriminately attacking civilians using attack helicopter.The barbaric Weyane soldiers are carrying out a major human rights violation against the Ethiopian people at large.
In this attacks, three EPPF Arbegnoch have sacrificed their lives for their country. EPPF propaganda officer, Arbegna Atalele Assefaw was one of the arbegna killed by Weyane. The bodies of these brave arbegnoch were displayed on the streets of Abde Rafi town for three days to frighten the local residents.
These fascistic acts are pushing more people to rebel against the regime. Large areas of Gonder, Gojjam, Wollo, and western Ethiopia are currently out of the control of the Meles regime.
Ethiopians from Addis Ababa, Dire Dawa, Awassa, Nazreth, Gondar, Gojam, Bahir Dar, Wollo and other cities and towns are continuing to join EPPF every day to fight in unity for their freedom against the fascist regime of Meles Zenawi.
Due to the unprecedented level of support from the Ethiopian people, the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front armed movement has been able to transform from Guerrilla Warfare to a People’s Warfare.
EPPF request all Ethiopians inside and outside Ethiopia to unite and support the Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front struggle for freedom, unity and democracy in Ethiopia. EPPF requires all financial and material support from all Ethiopians around the world.

EPPF Command Center.

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