Where is the National Interest of Ethiopia?

The change of a Premiership in Ethiopia may show a change of a birthplace of a premier but never changes the attitude, aggressiveness, dictatorship, killings, and jailing innocent people in Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi is dead but TPLF is not dead yet. Ethiopia had been under the dictatorial rulers for  too many years and Ethiopians had never seen a government chosen by the people to the people through a form of true election. Blaming the innocent people is wrong and it is the leaders and leadership fault that it has no base in building National Interest that will remain for generation to come.
Westerners have their own interest in Ethiopia and in the horn of Africa and meet to their central goal in order to protect their national interest. It may sound beyond any one's imagination how the westerners successfully do protect their interest without any conflict of interest but, at the end, All these countries in the western hemisphere do understand that they have to give and take to whatever advantages one of their ally is messing around poor countries like Ethiopia. The 1st or 2nd World War conflicts do not exist anymore and if one of the westerner countries wants to brake one poor country in pieces, other members will sit around and discuss with that western country how and when it will happen, keeping their interest protected.
The question Ethiopians should ask themselves how to create a National Interest to the protection of the country and the people of Ethiopia. Ethiopia's National Interest should be a stance on protecting the citizens of the country no matter what ethnicity they belong to and have the standard of a livelihood.
Many foreigners are now being protected and enjoying life in Ethiopia more than the Ethiopians living in Ethiopia due to their citizenry and skin color. Poor people may think that a foreigner may help them out for the hungry stomach but it is surprising many of the regime's henchmen are bending over to the foreginers so that they can collect the Dollars and Euros. Some may call it, "Investment" but it is not and is beyond selling the dignity of the country inorder to acquire the personal empire.
Ethiopians still have time to work on understanding and fullfilling the dreams by acting together in constructing the National Interst of the country for generation to come. Peace, Democracy, and Human Right should always be the basic theory of the National Interest of the country.

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