Meles Zenawi ridiculed in Belgium

Belgium, Brussels

Ethiopians living in Europe, who went to Belgium to protest against the invitation of Meles zenawi by European commission to participate on “Good governance conference”, have ridiculed him. When Meles started to speak, Ethiopians who got the possibility to enter into the conference room started screaming and shouting, asking for the release of political prisoners and the resignation of Meles.
The protestors inside the conference room yelled slogans in front of the other African leaders and the EU commissioner saying, “Meles is a Killer!!”, “”Meles is a dictator”, “Meles should come to international court”, “Free political prisoners ”.
His speech was interrupted many times and he used only 5 minutes out of the 25 minutes that was allocated for all the gust speakers. All the other African leaders speech was warmly welcomed and did not face any challenge from anyone, which was also followed by a good applause from the audience. However, Meles faced a very strong opposition form his own citizens. Thousands of Ethiopians were also demonstrating outside the conference building against the dictatorial regime his invitation.

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