Ethiopian general defects to Eritrea

An Ethiopian general has defected to his country’s bitter rival, neighboring Eritrea, an official said Wednesday.
Brig. Gen. Kemal Geltu, who was the commander of the 18th army division, left because he was opposed to military reforms, said the Defense Ministry official.
Kemal’s defection was first announced late Tuesday on state-owned Ethiopian TV.
Eritrea confirmed the arrival of the Ethiopian general. The website of Information Ministry, which normally advertises such defections said will conduct shortly an interview with the Ethiopian general and other senior army commanders who arrived with him.
Eritrea gained independence from Ethiopia in 1993 after a 30-year guerrilla war, but their border was never settled. They fought a 2 1/2-year war that ended in December 2000 when both countries signed a peace deal, allowing an independent commission to determine their border.
Ethiopia refused to implement the international commission’s 2002 ruling. Eritrea has accused the international community of shirking its responsibility to ensure the ruling is obeyed.
The border, while still not demarcated, has been peaceful since the 2000 truce, but tensions have occasionally flared to the point international observers feared a new war could break out.


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