Kenya Govt declines to receive Ethiopia envoy’s papers

Ethiopia’s new Ambassador to Kenya is unable to conduct official duties despite having been in his station for two months after the Kenya Government had declined to receive his credentials.
Ambassador Disasa Dirribsa Winsa, who has been in the country for two months now, is yet to present his credentials to President Kibaki, a move that effectively impedes him from officially assuming his diplomatic duties.
Diplomatic protocol compels a newly deployed ambassador to the country to first announce his presence to the president before proceeding with his mandate.
The Chief of Protocol in the ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bruce Mudete, said yesterday the Ambassador was yet to present his credentials following what he only termed as “logistical problems that coincided with his arrival.” He, however, promised that the matter would be settled soon.
And as Ethiopia celebrated its national day yesterday, Ambassador Winsa failed to address fellow foreign representatives, delegating the duty to one of his Embassy’s aide.
“Allow me to read the message of Ambassador Disasa Diribsa, who is here with us today. The Ambassador is not in a position to address this gathering for he has not yet presented his credentials,” a statement read by the aide said in part.
The ceremony was attended by over 10 diplomats.
The Ethiopian National Day, which was to be celebrated on May 28, had to be deferred by the Embassy for “unforeseen inconveniences.”

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