Ethiopia accused of invasion

By Mike Pflanz, East Africa Correspondent
(Filed: 19/06/2006)
Somalia appeared to be preparing for a new round of fighting yesterday after the leader of the Islamic Courts Union which controls most of the south of the country accused Ethiopia of sending troops across the border.
"Ethiopia is bringing war to us," Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed told reporters at the weekend. He claimed that 300 soldiers were advancing on Baidoa, the seat of Somalia's weak transitional government.
Ethiopia denied that any soldiers had entered Somalia, although it admits strengthening its forces along the border since militia loyal to Mr Ahmed's alliance of Muslim leaders took control of Mogadishu and several strategic towns last week. Addis Ababa has not hesitated to enter Somalia in the past to curb Islamic extremists and its government is a key ally of Abdullahi Yusuf, the transitional president.
"Extremists whose agenda has nothing to do with peace and stability have been engaging in provocative activities against Ethiopia," the foreign ministry in Addis said.
Analysts said that Mr Ahmed's claims of an invasion could be a pretext to attack President Yusuf's government in Baidoa, 155 miles from Mogadishu and the last town outside the control of the Islamic Courts Union in the south.
Mr Ahmed has denied planning to attack Baidoa. But the stage is set for a power struggle between the two groups.

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Don't worry.

America will get involved and mess things up even more than they already are.

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