CUD leaders are the heroic politicians in Ethiopia

For a long time, and in many part of Ethiopia, CUD have affirmed life in the face of Woyane; CUD have stood for justice in the face of injustice. It has been the leaders gift. But their heroic dissent has often gone unnoticed in the western world. All Ethiopians should call for love and justice, but who is listening?
The truth is that the people who believes on the unity of Ethiopia have been politically marginalized for some time. Once part of every crucial economical and political conversation in Ethiopian life, we have become in the last century footnote, a feature story in the hunger and starvation section, or a segment in the War news broadcast where other part of the world see us killing eachother. The stories Woyane want others to know about its politics are quite different than the real stories which are being happening in Ethiopia.
It isn't hard to notice that a love of power(by Woyane) surrounds Ethiopia today. But It is to the extent to which CUD expressions of love to Ethiopia without any political power made the leaders of CUD to be acknowledged for the countless acts of sacrifice which they have aligned themselves with. They faced the tyrannically Woyane that is unwilling to respect human rights to the whole Ethiopians in general; they lobby for an end to Woyane ethnocentric political principle that target all ethnics in Ethiopia. CUD is doing a lot of thousand things in an effort to make our love of Ethiopia visible respecting the unity of Ethiopia. And yet, Woyane do see all, who are to bring the unity of Ethiopia, as the destruction of Ethiopia.
CUD leaders should feel great about their commitments that they are making, and in so doing, the leaders are making a point as well: The leaders hands are clean, from the big horrors and killings that Woyane plague in Ethiopia. Their hearts are pure. The CUD leaders should believe that Ethiopian's love will guide them through the hard times.
Woyane is afraid that Ethiopians have embraced on the symbols of justice, freedom and peace with big commitment, and often are attempting to make things real. Woyane have consistently underestimated the people and the people who oppose, and overestimated Ethiopian's skill, and Ethiopian's willingness. Ethiopians all over the world are working behind the scenes to destabilize the dictatorial Woyane regime and are preparing themselves to take responsibilities.

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