Ethiopian Millennium in Washington DC
A Board that comprises representatives of various sections of the community has been set up. The Board oversees the activities around the celebration and the board will communicate with members in various States.
Celebration activities:
  1. A symposium: in all aspects of the Ethiopian Millennium, under a theme of "Reflections on the Millennium and Lights into the future". Scholars in various fields have been invited to contribute to this important debate.
  2. A celebration of Ethiopian music and Dance: many Ethiopian artists have expressed their willingness to use their creative ability to prepare a show of our diverse cultural music.
  3. There will be a day of Ethiopian Sports festival in cooperation with Ethiopian sports clubs in North America, primarily the North America Ethiopian Football Federation.
  4. There will be a program of prayer for Ethiopia
  5. There will be a public parade and demonstration for a "Democratic Millennium for Ethiopia"

In addition to events organized by the Executive Committee of the Ethiopian Millennium Celebration in Washington DC, interested groups including civic, political and religious organizations will have their programs of celebrations and marking of the day by coordinating and registering their programs with the organizing executive committee. A committee, named as the "Events Coordinating Committee" needs to be set up to take care of resolving conflicting events.

For more information:CONTACT
Ethiopian Millennium Organization

  1. Alem Tsehay Wedajophone: 240-460-3579
  2. Solomon Teklaiphone: 301-587-3860
  3. Hiywot Kiflephone: 202-439-0288

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