Yalemzewd Bekele is at a more risk of torture

Yalemzewd Bekele, Fasil Assefa and another unnamed individual will be back to Addis Ababa tomorrow. The Federal police will be in charge of investigating their "crimes". Sources said that they will be at a more risk of torture under the custody of federal police.
The European Commission delegation in Addis Ababa, Yalemzewd's employer, isn't following the case seriously despite Amnesty International's warning that she may face torture and reports in Ethio-Zagol that the Ethiopian Government was spying on the institution before the expulsion of the two diplomats and the arrest of Yalemzewd Bekele.
Ethio-Zagol has identified the senior official who asked Yalemzewd to leave the commission's office while she was staying there to avoid arrest. According to European Commission sources, it was the delegation's chief Timothy Clark. Mr. Clark assured her that he would follow her case with government officals but didn't do anything before her arrest.
Fasil Assefa is identified as a Unity University Management Information Systems student. He was arrested while sleeping at his hotel. The Ethiopian government falsely claimed that Fasil was taken into custody while he was trying to cross the Ethiopian border with Yalemzewd.

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