Protest against the murderer Addisu Legesse in Seattle by Ethiopian patriots

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It is Seattle – the land of Ethiopian patriots for justice. It is also Seattle where Addisu Legesse, deputy to Meles Zenawi, sat in an empty hall, and felt like a felon on a death row.
He eagerly waited for "Ethiopians" to stream into and fill up the empty seats, and at least save him from the shame of sitting like an inmate in a solitary confinement. He waited and waited but no one was coming, except the usual TPLF cadres who crawled past the roaring lions like some cursed demons. Obviously, it was a tug-of-war between patriots for freedom and the few mercenaries of doom.
Addisu Legesse, responsible for the killings of unarmed protesters following the May 2005 elections, should have seen today how the Meles regime is over, and whether their bloody pastbloody past would turn them into the Hissène Habrés of that Horn who woud never escape court trials for crimes against humanity.
“It is a matter of time before Meles, and I and other butchers like me are dragged to a court of justice,” Addisu must have thought when he sat in an empty hall that was constantly being haunted by the roars Ethiopian lions and lionesses were letting out into the Seattle sky from beyond the picket fence the Seattle Police set up to maintain order.
The Ethiopian patriots were carrying the photos of imprisoned Kinijit leaders like the moral force Mesfin Woldemariam, the charismatic Hailu Shawel, the jewel Birtukan Mideksa, the humble scholars in the names of professors Yacob, Berhanu, Befekadu and many more others. There were others who carried caskets of those innocent Ethiopians who were murdered by the likes of Addisu Legesse and other tyrants whose days are certainly numbered.
Their cursed Apartheid meeting was meant to divide Ethiopians and pit them against each other but Ethiopians were aware that their Ethiopian bond that withstood the test of time would not be broken by a few TPLF sellouts who limped past the patriots only to disappear into the dark hall like ghosts.

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"Here is the scoop on Seattle’s admirable reception of Addisu Legesse and friends:

The Vice Premier was invited by a self appointed Ethiopian Honorary Consul General in Seattle named Solomon Tadesse. The Dishonorable Solomon and his wife and right hand Shashu Habtu were members ESUNA (Ethiopian Students Union in North America) and the old timers say that the terrible duo embezzled that organization and moved to Seattle with enough funds to purchase a waterfront house and lease a parking lot in Down Town Seattle in late 70s/early 80s.
The Honorary Consulate is nothing but a façade for recruiting -hodam yemehal ager lijoch- to be supporters of woyanie and the prize per is a 500 sqare meters lot in Addis Ababa musina sefer. Ato Solomon has a 3 million dollar budget from the new diaspora ministry to make Seattle a safe haven for woyanie. As everyone knows Seattle is one city that is not yet tamed by woyanie. Seattle is home to icons of Ethiopian Democracy like and many other outstanding institutions and woyanie is always on the run in the city and today was no different.
The Democratic Forces in Seattle were able to obtain all the necessary permits from Seattle Police to stage a counter rally as well as get their message out about the rally on all local media outlets including NPR (national public radio affiliate in Seattle KPLU). At about 4:00 PM here were over 100 Ethiopians with slogans and pictures of the jailed leaders and massacred Ethiopians during the June and November massacres. There were 0 traitors in the meeting room. At about 5:00 PM the number of pro democratic forces was swelling to 500 outside when a smattering of hodam amaras like Solomon Tadesse, Sashu Habtu, Mekonnen Kassa (aka Aklilu Abreha) accompanied by jeers and catcalls started trickling to the meeting room. Then TPLF members like Kidane and Bisrat started showing their banda face for the meeting and these were also dealt a blow by the democratic forces by making them walk a torturous 500 feet of fence lined with angry and determined Ethiopians. There were eight Somalis and about two Oromos. The Democratic forces sent in five of their reps to the meeting hall learn the effects of their cat calls and shouts on the meeting attendants and promoters. All in all there were 28 people in the meeting excluding the delegates from Addis Ababa.
Addisu Legesse and the other delegates did not dare show their faces to the demonstrators. They were snuck in and out through the backdoor by the garbage and dirty linen discharge door. I say what a fitting entrance and exit for killers, traitors and hodams.

Victory for Ethiopian Democratic Forces!"

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