Author : Birhanu Nega ; Obsessed with his BOOK : Ethiopians

Source: adebabay
Birhanu's new bestseller is becoming a matter of 'must-read' for many. As the distribution is partially went on under ground (some how it is available among few vendors) a number of nicknames is given. The most amazing I heard yesterday is YEHABESH MEDEHANIT! What a Medhanit? Some venders are even calling the book by this name. If you are in Addis and hear any call by this name it means the book is available around, may for 80 or 100 birr. The other name is 'THE BIBLE'. I found some friends calling me and asked " can you pls find 2 Bibles for me?" I hope I can!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The other name is "KININ.(tablet)" Why not? The book practically heals many wounds!
Another related story is that a guy living in one major town binds the book cover and wrote on the cover a new title and author " NEGERE MELEKOT- By Deacon Firdu Zegeye." What a title and author name?
While the distribution of The Book continues a critical shortage is reported in Mekele, Bahir Dar, Jimma and Gondar. According to close sources these towns have received only few copies of the book.
A reader in my page requested discussion groups to give him their address and so that he can provide them The BOOK free. I appreciate your offer and contacted few groups. But for obvious reasons they hesitate to accept it right now. When the right time comes I hope you will get some of them.
I will be back with the ramifications of Vicki's new diplomatic endeavor and more reflections on The Book.

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