AFD is a monumental achievement to all Ethiopians

By untouchable_9
Few scholars have contributed as much to our understanding of the formation of Alliance for Freedom and Democracy as have the rest even though I, personally, don't think that they are good enough to understand the meaning of "Alliance". Articles, by those against AFD, and arguments on the formation and status of the alliance is arguably unparalleled in conceptual clarity and theoretical richness to the struggle for Freedom of Ethiopia and Ethiopians.
AFD is a monumental achievement to all Ethiopians that sets a new standard of struggle by which other political organizations, for instance UEDF, determination has been judged - is that surprising?...No no No.....
UEDF members say that AFD is directly contradicting the Manifesto of Kinijit and they do not understand why Kinijit accepted the Woyane constitution to be added in the document.

Let's see Kinijit's Manifesto 3.1 "Constitutional reform" :

"The existing constitution has not been formulated in such a way as to be the
frame-work in which the variety of interests, desires attitudes are accommodated
. Rather, it is so shaped to reflect the ideology, belief and political program's of a single party. It would therefore, be necessary to reform amend it by freeing it from partisans and transforming it into a document of a long-term validity with which consecutive governments need not tamper."
Kinijit Manifesto 3.1 is neither directly nor indirectly contradicting with STATUTES OF THE: ALLIANCE FOR FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY (AFD)Chapter XII - Functions of the Alliance Article 1 section 2. Kinijit Manifesto has its Alternative Solutions to Woyane's constitution that some anti_Kinijit groups(UEDF/EPRP) argue that Kinijit confirmed that it has accepted Woyane's "constitution" at the meeting in Holland for the formation of the AFD, but the Kinijit manifesto says that it would therefore, be necessary to reform amend it by freeing it from partisanship and transforming it into a document of a long-term validity with which consecutive governments need not tamper. It would be appropriate to ask where members of UEDF have found the contradiction of the AFD chapter with the Manifesto of Kinijit.
The Anti_AFD group, including TPLF, would struggle to gain dominance in order to get a larger share of political power at home and in Diaspora . Usually these kind of political struggles are accompanied by "accusations" designed to appeal to different elements (for instance, to attract political supporters) among Ethiopians, but so shameless were the so-called "Kinjit-supporters", who are also members of UEDF/EPRP, in analyzing the status of the AFD show that UEDF and its alike are into fighting for power but not for the freedom of Ethiopians. It is time to look at the direction to where the struggle is going instead of to be an obstacle to the struggle.
The Status of AFD is a brief overview of a rich and complex but crisply written document that should be required very deep reading for any serious Ethiopian who wants to see the defeat of Meles Regime.
AFD appears to have made the Ethiopian's already negative view of UEDF/EPRP so more which is hard to swallow for the members of UEDF/EPRP. It seems that members of UEDF/EPRP have hit upon a new way of discrediting the Alliance of TPLF opponents under AFD. It is an easy maneuver for these members, who extremely have their own practical issues, to write articles that have nothing to solve but "splitting hair" and misusing the name "Kinijit" as a supporter. Those antagonists who are against Kinijit intends to call themselves supporters of Kinijit .
As far as Votes in AFD are concerned, All the members have the right to make their voice heard on issues that are important to Ethiopians. Voting is perhaps the most important right all AFD political parties have as members.
Alliance is not about creating a government. Through the real meaning of an Alliance, under AFD's direct action, the people of Ethiopia create their own struggle against TPLF, and it is Ethiopians who have the right to conduct, organize, and manage the struggle to defeat the tyranny Meles regime. Kinjit has enough intellectuals to look at the voting binomial within AFD and I don't think that the delegates of AFD were asking UEDF/EPRP and its affiliates to bring their calculator to crunch the numbers so they can do their calculation. Kinijit is not fighting for power or any election ballots but, currently, it is more accustomed to managing the struggle affairs, creating alternative, libertarian, and unity which can become a force to resist the ethnocenterism. AFD became the political framework of Kinjit - That is the only reason.
The mentality of accusing members of AFD as Asmara-based groups is becoming a way of showing the dangerous mix of frustration, and an unconscious vanguardist sense that the UEDF/EPRP alone is the one which will make the "difference" to the people of Ethiopia. All Ethiopians are very much interested to know the strategies of UEDF/EPRP for the struggle to remove the Meles regime - Prepare the strategies and solutions instead of having a group of crying babies who don't even know how to wipe away their tears. Ethiopians have already realized that Meles's agents are using UEDF/EPRP to keep on crying but, at the same time, from our own experience, Meles's agents joned them for crying.
If there is anyone who has any problem with the people of Ethiopia, here is the reality, and it is the people of Ethiopia who have already voted CUDP to lead the country but Meles and his gangs refused to transfer the power and prisoned the leaders of Kinijit.
Let us make things easier to those who are against AFD, No more accusation and AFD is already created, can not brake it, so What is the solution, then?

Del Le Ethiopia Hezb!!!

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