Policemen fear being used for Meles Zenawi's misadventure

EPRDF is giving anti-terrorism training for more than a thousand federal policemen at Blate military training camp. Informants at the federal police confirmed to this blogger that 1400 members of the federal police are in the military camp for special training. The trainees were told about terrorism in East Africa and terrorism by anti-peace elements at home. According to other informants, there will be additional policemen, mostly from the Addis Ababa police force, who will be taken to Blate for same training. Some who fear a call up are already deserting the force.
The Ethiopian military is being stretched across the country's border as Meles Zenawi's illegitimate government it is in a problem with all its neighbors. Although the government is not reporting its misadventure to Somalia, People in Addis Ababa, who got news for VOA, have been seriously opposing the intervention of Ethiopian forces in Somalian domestic affairs. Members of the police force are anxious that they may be taken to warfront as a back up for the army.Thousands of members of the Addis Ababa police force are already undergoing through a very tough training regime at the Hurso military camp.

Source: Ethio-Zagol

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