Reference-2003:The 15 parties of UEDF and their leaders

The main constituent parties are the Oromo National Cogress, Ethiopian Social Democratic Federal Party, Southern Ethiopia People's Democratic Coalition, All-Amhara People's Organization and the Ethiopiam Democratic Unity Party. Other parties that joined to create the UEDF include: Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF), All-Ethiopia Socialist Movement(MEISON), Ethiopian Democratic Union - Tehadiso (EDU Tehadiso), Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF), Ethiopian People Federal Democratic Unity Party (HIBREHIZB), Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party(EPRP), Gambella People's United Democratic Front, (GPUDF), Oromo People's Liberation Organization (OPLO - IBSO), (SEPDC), and Tigrean Alliance for Democracy (TAND).

Afar Revolutionary Democratic Unity Front (ARDUF
Ato Muhamed Ibrhahim
All Ethiopian Socialists Movement(MEISON)
Mulualem Awoke
Belay Mekonnen
All Ethiopian Unity Party (AEUP)
Maj.Getachew Mengiste Ato
Abayneh Berhanu
Dr.Mekonnen Bishaw
Coalition of Alternative Forces for Peace and Democracy (CAFPDE)
Dr.Beyene Petros Lodamo
Mr. Gebreyesus Gebremichael
Maj.Demessie Yohannes
Ethiopian Democratic Unity (EDU Tehadiso)
Ato Tesfaye Asgedom
Ato Yirga Tesfaye
Ethiopian Democratic Unity Party (EDUP)
Dr. Admasou Gebeyehu
Ato Lidetu Ayalew
Ato Mushe Semu
Ethiopian People's Federal Democratic Unity Party (HibreHizb)
Dr. Desta Damtew
Dr. Alemante G/Sellasie
Ato Beshah Wered Ayele
Ethiopian Medhin Democratic Party (MEDHIN)
Dr. Seyoum Gelaye
Dr. Achamyeleh Debela
Ato Girma GebreMedhin
Ethiopian National United Front (ENUF)
Engineer Kitaw Ejigu
Ato Lema Atakltie
Ato Dagnachew Elala
Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Party (EPRP)
Ato Mersha Yossef.
Ato Iyasou Alemayehu.
Ato Tegegne M. Aboye
Gambella People's Unity Front (GPUF)
Ato Johm Okwir
Ato Ojulu Tokon Ochalla
Ato Ojulu Ouden
Oromo National Congress (ONC)
Dr. Merera Gudina
Wrt . Almaz Seifu Kebede
Ato Takele Edosa Dinsa
Oromo People's Liberation Organization (OPLO)
Lt. Olana Lamu Garba
Ato Belete Reda Wakjira
Dr. Legesse Kennenni
Southern Ethiopian Peoples' Democratic Coalition(SEPDC)
Ato Mulu Meja
Ato Wendimagegnehu Hailu
Ato Berhanu WoldeSenbet
Tigrayan Alliance for National Democracy (TAND)
Ato Aregawi Berhe
Ato Berehe Hagos
Ato Mekonnen Zellelew
APC organizing Committee Members:
Ato Wendayahu Kassa of AEUP, Lt. Ayalesew Desse of Hibre
Hizb, Ato Fasika Bellette from EPRP, Ato Mulgeta Hailu of
MESION, Ato Teshome Tesgaye of TAND , Ato Assefa Depaso
of CAFPDE, Maj. Assefa Meshesha of MEDHIN and
Maj. Iyassu Ayalkebet of EDU Tehadiso.

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