Meles - Cruel and funded by IMF and World Bank

Meles, the tyranny, will ultimately be defeated sooner or later but the modern colonies will regret to their enthusiastic support to the dictator and murderer in which Ethiopians have been greatly disappointed for the last 15 years.

Poverty is an extraordinary problem in Ethiopia. It is every Ethiopian dream to overcome the famine and starvation that affect the entire population. A lot of excuses can be brought to the table by the West and the TPLF Regime in order to express their frustrations on Ethiopians and Ethiopia, but it is quite easy to understand and see how they are obiviously manipulating poverty to their own gain. The devastating famine is caused by a neglect that the TPLF regime has set on the poor Ethiopians for over 15 years but frankly the West in general are trying to ignore the main problem instead of finding the bright solution to help the general population which is affected by the whole situation in Ethiopia.

Funding the TPLF regime is disappointing Ethiopians. The world bank and IMF's debt relief opened the opportunity to spend more money to buy Military equipments and armaments. It is quite clear to see a line_up of armistice bids during debt reliefs and war mongling between EPLF and TPLF. But in the middle of all this mess, The poor Ethiopians are suffering of hunger and starvation. TPLF spent over $480 million dollars during the 1999 - 2000 on military equipments. Bulgaria and Russia sold arms to Ethiopia and other war profiteers like China, North Korea and Romania also poured munitions into Ethiopia.

In the name of HIV/AIDS prevention, care and treatment activities, The United States government poured TPLF with $84 millions of dollars as if it is going to help the needy but as usual TPLF will be using it for its ethnic factiousness political ideology to isolate Ethiopians. Meles had brought the country to the brink of economic ruin, initiated a rampage against among ethnic groups and detained leaders and members of opposition - all with the sole of retaining authority. Meles proclaimed that he would neither negotiate domestic opposition nor accept any foreign criticism of the killings and murders of his dictatorial regime. According to my knowledge, a democratic government wouldn't stay on power for decades unless it is an authoritarian which writes its own constitution every year.

Countries should stop funneling funds into TPLF pocket to kill innocent Ethiopian people who are struggling to feed their families and IMF and World Bank should come to a sense which only reminds them the word "Humanity". Don't fund the authoritian, corrupted, killer and dictatorial regime. Lives are being lost for no reason.

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