The Two-Cents politics in Ethiopia and the Western's Agenda

By Z_Journalist
It is easy to understand the Western governments and the Meles Regime use the kind of political formulas to what exactly they stood together on the worst situation of the Horn of Africa. Meles, on one hand, needs to protect his power and he is needed to serve the western governments by organizing weak governments around the Horn of Africa who do not have the dignity to respect and protect their own people.
The political languages we hear from the diplomats, especially the State Department officials from Bush Administration, really makes one wonder if they really have the American foreign agenda "Notebook" with themselves while they are traveling to the Horn of Africa. State Department officials and the American Ambassador in Addis Ababa are scared of the dictator, Meles Zenawi, not to find themselves hanging around the curtain to implement their agendas but they would rather spend most of their time around 4-Kilo and Shiro-Meda drinking their Cappuccino than fixing the worst situation ever happening in Ethiopia. The diplomats are pretending as if nothing bad is happening in the horn of Africa under the dictator's hand. American diplomats are in Ethiopia to implement their political and strategical agenda, and The British are in Ethiopia to punish the country for not receiving them with open hands in the 18th and 19th century for their Colonial agendas. The Italians are there to take their revenge on the people for chasing the Mussolini "Italians" out of the country.
The 21st Century Power struggle on how to control the globe is affecting the horn of Africa due to the economical strategy between the two Economic Power, the USA and China.
China is dumping all its useless materials and human resources to show the Western world that it is business as usual since they are not interfering in the political situation in Ethiopia. Where do the Dollar and Euro come from? Yes, USA and European countries. Who are the Engineers to build the weak Road Systems? China.
China doesn't care that the regime in Addis respects neither the human rights nor the people of Ethiopia. Since when does China respect human-rights? Since when does china respect the people of China? Building the Economic Power in Africa by itself will become another political explosion between the Western world and the Chinese government. The westerns do not trust Africans for any business, refer to Nigeria Oil, due to the bad relation they have developed in Colonial times and after the cold war.
There is a big difference between the US of America and United Kingdom on their foreign relation and policy with the African Countries, especially Ethiopia. United States has lost its ideal relationship with the rest of the world due to the military intervention and the support the US offers to dictators and War-Mongers. Especially, the current US Administration lack of Global politics and Issues has made the people through out the world to stop looking up to the American Ideal of the "well-wisher to the freedom and independence of all". America lost it, big time.
The UK, on one hand, never cares about the atrocities which is spreading all over Africa specially in the countries which were under British Colonies, Egypt, zimbabwe, Kenya, Somalia, Sudan, and Nigeria. Britain will neither stand for the dignity of Human Beings in Africa nor fight for the freedom of the people in the third world. Britain is one "control-freak" which wants nothing but a damage to the African countries. That is the way Britain is and will never change its agenda for the sake of Human-Right as long as An African dictator is working for Britain, as we Ethiopians call those who sold themselves "Bandas".

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