The irreparable "US-Ethiopia" Policy

By untouchable_9
American government policies on Ethiopia and the rest of African countries have been a disaster even to implement to what they have been pin-pointed at their meetings and discussions in the fancy offices of Washington DC. The American National interest in Africa is not about the changes that the people of Africa would like to have on freedom of movement, expression, and participating in resolving the political crisis within their own countries.
White House is a place where the decision-making is taking place on the policies of US of America on Africa. The Intention of the US of America leaders makes the difference in the policies on which each department of the US government determines either to pass the “life-and-death” decision on the “undemocratically elected” regimes of African countries whether the citizens of Africans like it or not, or to undermine the regime while holding it as America’s own personal property. State Department may have the power to make the call on the road of diplomacy. Pentagon may have the power to look at the geopolitics of the strategic position of the American logistical coordination of its Army, Navy, and Air force, and National Security Council, as a closer advisor of the President, to authorize the resolutions made by the white house. The last one that has to be not forgotten is the congress, which is the medium between the people of America and the American government that plays the political flip-flops in the Capitol Hill Halls.
The US role in Africa is played only in these departments by the African power-mongers living in exile and their embassies, and some political researchers from School of Kennedy who are working as advisors for the White House, and the American decision makers. The United States of America should have been an example to install the respect for human rights of the people of Africa even though the people are poor and cannot determine the plight of the political process, which is made on them.
The US should have had the desire to involve the people of Ethiopia directly on the political process since the effort the US has produced in changing the political environment put the US-policy in a great trouble. The overarching goal of US policy is blankly limited and not even spread conclusively to involve the natives in general without creating a big hole in the differences of culture and language that Marxism played in its doctrine. I hope Marx is not laughing at the US political players from his grave.
The American public may not have a clue or don’t have the energy to even check the policies themselves to what extent the people in Ethiopia would gain on how American policy-makers decide on the plight of the country, Ethiopia. US-policy represents the citizens, Americans, and the policies should really act like their mirrors in looking at their outlook in ones eyes. This same ideology must be performed when the American policy makers deal with a country like Ethiopia. Ethiopians represent Ethiopia and Ethiopians should be advised on the changes that are made on behalf of them before any decision-making. Isn’t why congress is the pole of politics representing American constituents?
The regime change by another regime in Ethiopia is the pain that Ethiopians are going through and still the suffering never ends from the day the installment of the Meles Zenawi Regime. It is now the time for questions to be answered, and American-policy makers should prepare their plain answers to the very important questions the people of Ethiopia would like to hear from them. Preparing “cover-up” stories for diplomatic purposes on the poorest people in the world would never give any impression of the modern democratic country, the US. Why does the US allow the people of Ethiopia to suffer under the Meles Regime?

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