Ethiopian protester pelts diplomat with eggs

FRANKFURT, Germany (Ethiomedia) - German police on Sunday briefly detained an Ethiopian activist who pelted an official with eggs during a scuffle between Embassy officials and Ethiopian protesters calling for the release of political prisoners in their native country.
"The Ethiopian Embassy through its Consular Office had invited Ethiopians to a meeting on how to lease land or invest in Ethiopia," an Ethiogermany website news release said, adding that the government call was a divide-and-conquer strategy that surfaced when deep-seated political resentment was running high among Ethiopians.
The source said the Ethiopians took the government call as a clear offense in the face of the continued imprisonment of the country's leading opposition leaders, journalists and human rights workers now behind bars for over a year.
"As the angry Ethiopians were ready to enter the meeting hall to participate and present their agenda, the Consulate General resisted and Embassy offcials blocked some Ethiopians from entering the hall. During a scuffle which took place at the entrance, an angry Ethiopian smashed a couple of eggs on the face of a government official," the report said.
Police arrested the man immediately but released him once the demonstration was over. At the request of the Embassy which is covering the cost, police are now keeping a 24-hour watchful eye at the Office of the Consulate.
The Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP-Kinijit) and its political ally, the United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF), enjoy overwhelming support among Ethiopians at home and in the diaspora despite relentless state-sponsored campaigns of terror by the government of Meles Zenawi, which human rights watchdogs denounce as one of the ruthless of its kind in Africa.

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