courtroom drama (satire)

Source: Ethiopian Politics
[The following is not real news – it was sent to by a reader who found the whole courtroom drama comedic. It’s a satirical piece that demonstrates the absurdity of the current Ethiopian judiciary.]
Ethiopian News Agency (ENA) (satire)
The federal high court of Ethiopia today, once again, adjourned the trial of human rights activists, journalists, and opposition party leaders till April 22, 2009. The court asserted that the documents provided by the election board and speech of CUD Chairman Hailu Shawl - recently translated to Amharic, should also be translated into Geeze --Ethiopia’s oldest language.
The court acknowledged the importance of the Geeze language and added this decision should be seen as a clear Support for Ethiopia’s historical past.
In the spirit of global unity and solidarity, federal high court judge, judge Adil - also added the election board documents and CUD chairman Hailu Shawel’s speech at the NPC should be translated into Swahili, Ndebele, Arabic, pashtune, Dutch, French and Japanese.
"We are part of the global community" Judge Adil said, "no one should be left out".
Commenting on the court’s ruling, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia said he was inspired by the court’s deep sense of history and commitment to the global community.
Mr. Zenawi also suggested one more name to add to the list, the recently discovered tribes of the Amazon, the Matis Indians.
"They too are part of the global community" added the prime minister, "we should not discriminate against anyone".
In addition to the above mentioned languages, footnotes to the rulings also disclose the documents will be translated into all the eighty-two ethnic languages of Ethiopia.
Inside sources confirm there is talk of translating the documents into “the braille system”, a system of raised letters used by People who are legally blind to read by touching with fingers.

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