Frigid weather doesn't slow Minnesotan's Demonstration

Kinijit International
In spite of the frigid weather, including wind chill levels below zero, Kinijit Support Group in Minnesota protested in front of Minnesota Sate Capitol. Despite the frigid weather, so many wonderful kniijit supporters came, and they demanded the release of kinijit Leaders. Many of the Kinijit supporters were wearing heavy jackets, hooded sweat shirts and gloves to protect themselves from cold weather. Many held signs such as "Free Our Kinijit Leaders" or “Free all prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia”.
Kinijit rallies were also held in other cities throughout the world on this day. Thursday Feb. 15, 2007--- from Washington DC, USA to Europe, Africa, Australia; Canada; -- --creating one of the strongest shows of force to date by hundreds of thousands of people around the world against the Woyanne kangaroo court plan to sentence the political opponents to death on February 19.
Demonstrators denounced: The Gross Human right Abuse; execution-style killing, mass imprisonment; mass graves, and demanded the release of Unjustly Jailed leaders, Civil Right Advocates; Journalists………..Some of these slogans were: Free Kinijit Leaders; Free Journalists Free Civil Right Advocates; Free all prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia; Say no to state terrorism in Ethiopia; Say no to state terrorism in Ethiopia; Stop the sham trial in Ethiopia; Meles is war criminal; Meles is a murderer; Stop supporting Ethiopian dictator! Meles is a killer; Meles is a child Killer
In addition, Memorandum letters were submitted by Kinijit Support Group in Minnesota to Governor Tim Pawlenty and Lt. Governor Carol Molnau; Speaker of the House, Margaret Anderson Kelliher; and Minority Leader, Marty Seifert.
Finally; Kinijit Support Group in Minnesota thank you for your support for what you do for your country, our “Leaders” are proud. You're the winner!

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