Ethiopians rallied demanding the release of unjustly jailed leaders

Kinijit International
Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia rallied demanding the release of unjustly jailed leaders of Kinijit, Members of the Independent Press, and Human Rights Advocates.
The protesting crowd condemned the bogus trail of the leaders and called for genuine reconciliation to promote the democratization process, and to bring peace and stability to Ethiopia.
The rally was part of a worldwide demonstration called by Kinijit International Leadership and organized by Kinijit Los Angeles support chapter. It was held at CNN’s west cost main office. It was a beautiful day in Los Angeles; this is in sharp contrast to the extreme cold weather our D.C. compatriots had to go through on Thursday.
The rally began as planned at 11 A.M. at a busy intersection in Hollywood, where traffic on both directions was nearly jammed and people were showing their support by gesturing with their hands and blowing their horns.
The highly passionate crowd chanted, "Free Prisoners of Conscience in Ethiopia", "Stop the Kangaroo court in Ethiopia", "Free Our Leaders" and "CNN Break Your Silence" etc… They asked CNN to report the news, as it claims to be the most trusted news and to live by its name.
A letter addressed to CNN/CNN International was hand delivered. It appeals to CNN not to ignore Ethiopia and to report the gross Human Rights violations that have been going since the May 2005 Elections. CNN was made aware that it has at least a moral obligation to report the crisis and plan to hold an investigative report on Ethiopia.
Radio stations such as KPFK gave live coverage to the rally while other reached the event by phone.
Once again, the enthusiastic crowd pledged to continue to press its peaceful movement until the prisoners of conscience are released and the democratic rights of every Ethiopian are respected.

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