Ethiopians, Norwegians of Ethiopian origin and all others standing for democracy and freedom held a vigil and protest demonstration in Norway, Oslo.
The vigil was held on 14.02.2007 in Oslo in front of the Norwegian parliament. The event started at 13:00 (1:00 p.m.) and ended at 15:00 (3:00 pm). Photographic posters displaying the atrocities of the brutal regime of Meles Zenawi and other posters reflecting the democratic demands of Ethiopians were displayed to the public. The demonstrators carried posters showing the victims of the regime in Ethiopia and speeches marking the occasion were also made. Fliers and posters were distributed to the public on both occasions.
The protest demonstration was held on 15.02.2007 in the same place. The participants included persons standing for democracy and freedom too. The demonstrators shouted different slogans denouncing the tyrannical regime in Ethiopia and calling for the unconditional release of prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia.
The letter describing the atrocities of the rime, the gross human rights violations being committed by the regime, plight of prisoners of conscience including that of the elected leaders of the CUDP and calling for the release of all prisoners of conscience was delivered to the office of the Norwegian prime minister and parliament. The letter called on the Norwegian government and parliament to render active support to the struggle for democracy and freedom in Ethiopia and work for the unconditional release of the leaders of the CUDP, human rights activists, journalists and all other prisoners of conscience in Ethiopia. The demonstrators proceeded to the office of the prime minister of Norway after having delivered the letter to Norwegian parliament. The letter addressed to the prime minister was delivered to an official who addressed the demonstrators on behalf of that office.

From KSDON oslo

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