"Meles told us to reverse our findings," Judge W.M.

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According to the exiled president and vice-president of the inquiry commission, on June 16-2006, 10 members of the commission have voted and ruled eight to two that excessive force had been used against civilians. The vote and comments of the commission members were recorded on video. It is irony that the two members, who voted in favor of the government and who leaked confidential information to the government; Mr. Elias Redman and Dr. Mekonnen Disasa were newly appointed to re-writing and reverse the commissions' original report. The commission was summoned by Meles Zenawi, two days before the report was to be released. Welde-Michael said Meles Zenawi told us to reverse our findings. "Your report must follow the case of the Gambella (which was reversed by the time)," Meles said. "Look at the context again. There are two important points you didn't consider: Dr. Negede Gobze's book and Kinijit's plan to raid the palace at the cost of 15,000 people," Judge Welde-Michael said in an exclusive interview with EMF correspondent.

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