Vicky Huddlestone, American charge d'affaires, meets prisoners;asks for reconciliation

The American charge d'affaires here in Addis, Vicky Huddlestone met detained Kinijit leaders yesterday and asked for a negotiation for reconciliation which will lead to their release. According to prison sources, Mrs. Huddlestone offer included an agreement by the leaders to abidse by the constitution, start negotiation and be released from jail. The offer was rejected by the prisoners as it wasn't unconditional.
Although the charge d' affairs talked with several leaders separately, the resonse from all of them was the same. The leaders told Mrs. Huddlestone that they had already accepted to work under the constitution on Kinijit's election manifesto and won last year's election which was held in accordance to the constitution and, therefore, the request for them to agree their acceptance of the constitution was irrelevant. They also demanded that the reconciliation had to be national, including several other actors in the country's politics, to bring peace and democracy in Ethiopia.EPRDF is currently under serious internal and external pressure. Protests are spreading to the army which insiders say is on the brink of a big split. The adventure of TPLF's army into Somalia hasn't been supported by most Ethiopians. Congressman Donald Payne's visit this week epitomized EPRDF's crisis. The ranking democrat in the house foreign relations committee told the prime minister in black and white that he had to release all political prisoners.
Kinijit leaders were adamant that Vicky Huddlestone should see them together if she would make another visit.

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