Student protests spreading in Ethiopia

Reliable sources from Hara Maya, Jimma and Adama Universities report that the teaching and learning process at these three universities have come to a halt. The immediate causes of the trouble are not known but tension has been building for weeks between supporters of the Ethiopian opposition and security forces loyal to the EPRDF regime.
Simmering discontent came to the boil about three weeks ago in Hara Maya University in the East side of Ethiopia. Complaining of the mysterious disappearance of some of their fellow classmates, students staged demonstrations through out the cities. Later, students at Jimma University in the West joined the protest in solidarity with their counterparts at Hara Maya University. According to some reports up to 50-100 students, mostly Oromo, from Jimma University are said to be fleeing to Sudan daily.
The latest disturbance is reported at Adama University where the learning and teaching process had to be interrupted yesterday at because of rising tension.
According to reports agent provocateurs have been seen donning t-shirts with inscriptions offensive in a bid to divide and weaken the growing Ethiopian opposition from students.

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