Injustice on political prisoners in Ethiopia

Suffering of the political prisoners is getting worse and worse. Journalist Eskinder Nega and CUD council member Andualem Arage are taken to Kerche where they are confined to a narrow 3x3 cell without light. They are allowed to have 30 minutes a day for sanitation. They aren't allowed to go to the toilet even when they are sick forcing them to use the cell for sanitation as well. Both of them weren't told why they are put in such disgusting cell. The court which heard the complaint of both on the Friday decided to have a two months recess without making a ruling on the complaint.
Required action:
Call or write to shimeles Kemal, the chief prosecutor and tell him to stop the injustice against the political prisoners. Leave a message in case you can't contact him. Be very polite in your communication. The objective is to make him feel what he is doing is inhumane and degrading.
Mobile phone no: 0911238410
Fixed Line: 0115515099/0115514750 / 0115159287


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