General Kemal Gelchi and senior Ethiopian Army commanders arrive in Eritrea

Asmara, 9 August 2006 – At a time when the TPLF regime, denying the Ethiopian people the right to equality and democracy, suppressing the struggle of opposition organizations and failing to honor the outcome of the popular election and desperately trying to prolong its stay in power on the one hand, and at a time when the OLF and other opposition organizations are strengthening their resistance by forming the Alliance for Freedom and Democracy on the other, the Ethiopian people’s popular uprising is gaining momentum.
Accordingly, in continuation of the aforementioned mass opposition inside the country and abroad, massive uprising is equally being witnessed within the ranks of the Ethiopian Armed Forces.
As a vivid demonstration of these developments, Brig. General Kemal Gelchi, senior commander of the enemy force deployed along the Tikul-Adi Teklai front, and tens of other army commanders including colonels together with hundreds of soldiers safely arrived in Eritrea at dawn today, August 9 along with their full logistics, communication equipments and military hardware.
Moreover, security sources disclosed that besides these developments that occurred around the surroundings of Badme in the Eritrean border, hundreds of Ethiopian soldiers and tens of their commanders are also joining opposition groups in eastern and western Ethiopia.
Latest reports further indicated that the number of Ethiopian soldiers arriving in Eritrea and other areas is on the rise.
Regarding details on these and related matters, we would like to invite you this interview with Brig. General Kemal and senior Army commanders who arrived with him.

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