Eight Ethiopian Generals Missing

Addis Ababa
Reports from Addis Ababa confirmed the disappearance of up to eight generals. These generals have been missing for a while now and their whereabouts are unknown.
Reliable sources who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of their role within the Ethiopian army indicate that the eight generals were linked to the defection of General Kemal Gelchi.
The same sources add that Meles Zenawi, the head of the autocracy in Addis Ababa ordered the detention of the eight generals. The missing eight generals are ethnically from Oromo and Amhara.
It is unconfirmed whether the generals were killed or whether they are held in detention in an unknown destination. What is known so far is that the disappearance of these generals has created a state of apprehension both within the army and the state. It is feared that an army mutiny may be possible.
Our reporters in Addis Ababa are working closely with reliable sources in order to find out the names of the eight missing generals.

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