Dr Birhanu’s Book Coming to Light in Ethiopia

Source: adebabay
The distribution of “ YENETSANET GOHE SIKED” is well under way. Close sources confirmed that 10,000 copies are already distributed under ground. Reliable sources informed this bloger that the Woyane security is frustrated to disrupt the distribution of the book. Instead, according to my source, the security is focusing on identifying individuals organizing the main channels of distribution and what is their link with CUDP and Dr Birhanu. some individuals and organization are already identified and security personeels are watching closely.Pls those involving take care!
So far only one local newspaper report about the book i.e. Addis Admas in its Saturday issue. The famous Reporter gave few lines in its English version on same day. But the Amharic Reporter couldn’t dare to report. Yet I have confirmed that the book reached the Reporter.
Many discussion groups are already organized and I had the chance to attend one group yesterday.

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