Boston sends Deputy Prime Minister Addisu Legesse through the backdoor

BOSTON – Ethiopian Americans protesting against the visit by Deputy Prime Minister Addisu Legesse to Boston stormed the meeting hall at Hyatt Regency in Cambridge and chanted slogans condemning the Addis Ababa regime for a lengthy period of time until the Boston Police asked the human rights activists to leave (Also watch the Video).
Holding the photos of jailed opposition leaders and those who were murdered by the Addisu Legesse regime, Ethiopian protesters remained inside, with Dr. Mekdes Mesfin, daughter of jailed human rights activist Prof. Mesfin Woldemariam, refusing a police request to stop displaying a photo.
Dr Meqdes told the police she was holding a picture of her jailed father. She told the police officer she had every right to display the photo of her her 76-year-old father and other elected leaders who were seen as a threat by the Addisu Legesse regime and put behind bars.
TPLF cadres at the service of the tyrannical regime in Addis were once again keeping company of Addisu Legesse at a meeting shamelessly called for members of the "Amhara ethnic group."
“Addisu and his cadres did not want to have their pictures taken along with empty seats. So they were asking the protesters to remove the pictures they were holding. Through the Boston Police, they managed to force some activists to leave the hall. All this happened in a tiny 35-seat hall rented after a 100-seat capacity hall they rented earlier was dropped because it would show off empty seats,” a source said.
Most activists left the hall, and continued to chant slogans denouncing the the brutal anti-Ethiopian regime headed by Addisu Legesse, who was forced to leave the hall through the backdoor.
Prior to their disgraceful exit, Addisu was left with only four individuals.
Since his official appearance in U.S. cities. Addisu’s meetings were largely boycotted. His visit to Seattle was accompanied by the presence of a huge Seattle Police force as was his visit to San Jose. The segregationist may continue to travel to Columbus (Ohio) or Atlanta (Georgia) where he is expected to face stiff opposition from Ethiopian communities.
Defeated at the 2005 polls, the Meles Zenawi regime is largely seen as an organized crime syndicate that has jailed the entire Kinijit opposition leadership, the entire independent press journalists as well as human rights activists.
Five concentration camps had each kept an estimated 50,000 political prisoners, thus making Ethiopia the largest prison nation in Africa, if not the world. In the face of a regime that has threatened Ethiopia to tear it apart with a Rwanda-type genocide, Ethiopians around the world have no choice but to stand united, and fight against the regime.

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