Alemzuria made it to Nairobi, Kenya

Alemzuria Teshome is a 25 years old girl. She is the daughter of Ato Teshome, member of the main opposition party Coalition for Democracy and Unity CUD and a city council elect for Addis Ababa City Administration.In November 2, 2005 security forces who came to detain her father did not get satisfied by capturing her father. They murdered her mother W/ro Etenesh Yimam , 52 years old housewife, for simple reason that she screamed protesting the government forces who raided the family home to arrest her husband .
W/ro Etenesh Yimam, is a mother of four. The children remained motherless. The bullets that were meant for her son hit a neighbor in the stomach and another in the arm. The police arrested W/ro Etenesh Yimam's son and fired at everyone that tried to get in their way. Ato Teshome is still in prison with the other CUD officials.
You have heared Alemzuria Teshomes interview on VOA. After that interview government forces were compelling her to denounce the interview and to sign a paper that says Kinjit (CUD) killed her mother as Alemzuria Teshome said. She was also under constant harassment and intimidation and they tried to lie ludicrous charges on her. She was not able to live her life peacefully. Thus, Alemzuria went in to hiding a few months ago. Finally she made it to Nairobi, Kenya.

Please send emails as soon as you can, we have exactly 24 hr before she goes to the interview
Dear friends this is where we need your help. She is not in safe haven. We have fear that the Weyane security agents might follow and harm her in Nairobi. Alemzuria is currently trying to contact the UNHCR in Kenya. But due to the high number of refugees in Kenya, she may not get the necessary protection quickly.

1 - Send emails to UNHCR office in Kenya stating
Who she is,
What happened to her,
And that she is in danger and she is in need of protection and security now

2- you can send emails to the following addresses.

3 - Kinijit Main office and chapters also send an official letter to UNHCR office in Kenya and Geneve on any one in UN or UNHCR stating the above in #1
Please lets all helps this poor girl. A least we owe her this much for what her family has
sacrificed for Ethiopia. Alemzuria was involved in the struggle for long time as
a volunteer last thing she was doing was volunteer clerk in Kinjit office in Addis.


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