Addis Ferenji is back in Ethiopia

Here is what she posted on her blog after 5 months of away from Ethiopia.....

"Not only back on line but back in Ethiopia at least before school begins in Europe. My husband and I decided we had no reason to accept being separated the whole summer. He was quite confident nothing would threaten my security. We have therefore bet the Ethiopian government will not take the risk of another scandal refusing me the entrance. A winning bet.
I felt however it was wise not to provoke their anger just before my departure. Please excuse my silence. I must admit I have been quite depressed too and many messages remained answered during this time. The highlands’ fresh air already cheered me up.
I felt anxious the last two weeks especially because I was to travel with my son and our brand new dog but our arrival was astonishingly easy. I doubt Ethiopian secret services are dumb enough to fail to identify me and could hardly believe I was entering the same country I had left 5 months ago after disgusting threats and pressures broke our family apart. The airport staff was smiling, agreeable and exceptionally easy-going.
My faithful friend and driver Mulugeta was there of course as was Mr Ferengi, we headed to our country house in Arsi, impatiently expected by our dear staff members (1) long became family. My son was particularly happy to see again the patient cooks, drivers, gardeners, guards, nannies and stable lads (Yes we have horses too) who have been spoiling him and me during more than four years.
I was greeted home by a special Habesha fasting meal. I was dying for Injera. Junior rushed to disturb new-born dogs –my houses have a tendency to become errant animals refugee camps-, Lancelot, last orphan taken in, quickly adapted to the new environment and I fought back some tears confronted to this discreet but warm welcome. I will have enough occasions to cry a river when I pack for good, pretty soon unfortunately…
Here am I, back to my duties though connections are unbearably slow… when there is any connection.
Proxies (2) allow to surf and most opposition websites remain blocked though I could accede the blogspots’ blogs. Could not read Ethiomedia though Gpass1 though.
Countryside is quiet, looks unchanged and the good old Habesha folk is still smiling, even at us, Ferenji. How the hell can they still smile at us after our governments so badly betrayed their hypocrite commitment to Justice and Democracy ? How can they smile at us after the World Bank resumed the Aid and Wolfowitz dared to assert: "My impression is that in the last few months there have been compromises made by both the government and the opposition and I would encourage people to continue to do that,"?
There is only one Ethiopian opposition, in Kaliti….
Quietness does not mean they are resigned though. They are not, at leas not yet. They still avoid, whenever possible, buying Woyane products and massively boycott the Kebele meetings. (3) “We know it is only lies” they say and there is despair in their voices when they admit they cannot do more, whatever they tempt is too easily put under control by the most brutal methods and numerous spies. They lift a shoulder with a sad smile and say “we have no guns, they do”.
Floods go on killing, thanks to the infamous, Disasters’prevention thing. (4) I heard the PM and his first lady felt an unexpected urge to comfort their oppressed people in a desperate attempt to prove they care for a few hundreds human lives. I wonder who is going to buy this, nobody among those who remember November for sure. Afflicted Meles in a deep mourning suit is a new matter of joke.
Western countries buy themselves a good conscience helping the victims or more precisely, pouring millions of Birr in Federal cashiers.
Diplomats, according to good sources, stick to their incredibly coward strategy. “Yes we can say things to Meles but not write them and say them only if it does not upset him too much…” They are positive, an error like Anna Gomes’ report on May elections is not likely to occur again.
But I am back, if I cannot promise to write daily, I will be in contact with democratic forces in Diaspora all along my stay. Among my projects: bring back Dr Berhanu Nega’s book, ask humble Ethiopians how they are coping with the inflation, check if Woyane really updated to rubber bullets instead of live ammunitions – doubtful-, have a closer look in Cooperation’s mess, civil rights in rural Oromia etc.
Of course, my unexpected death during these holydays should be investigated. I solemnly swear I have no intention to consume drugs, buy Ganja or violate any Ethiopan laws..
I will leave the last words to a cute little neighbour. Of course I blurred his lovely face just in case Federali, recognizing the young terrorist, decided to load him in a truck directed to a military camp."

Addis Ferenji

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