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The access to e-mail programs is now really starting to become difficult.As Ethio-Zagol already reported on his seminaworks.blogspot.com, the Ethio Telecom are installing technical devices and software to monitor anything that is happening on the internet.
It is obvious that when I try to read an English newspaper, the connection is normal, what in Ethiopia means slow, but when I try to access a mail server, for instance yahoo.com, suddenly we are talking about minutes to contact and download messages.
And it’s not just yahoo. Bereket ‘Goebbels’ Simon, alias Baghdad Bob, has been to China a couple of months ago and came back with this brilliant idea. It seems that the Israeli have supplied the technique.
The next quote is from an article by Amnesty International named: THE INTERNET AND FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION: A NEW FRONTIER FOR HUMAN RIGHTS?

“The control the Chinese authorities maintain over their citizens’ right to
freedom ofexpression and information is pervasive. This has put the spotlight on
the contributioninternet companies such as Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google are
making to supportChina’s efforts to maintain such control and restrict
fundamental freedoms. In assistingthe Chinese administration by complying with
its censorship demands, these companiesare seen to be facilitating or
sanctioning the government’s efforts to control the free flowof information,
thereby contravening established international norms and values, as wellas
compromising their own principles.”
Since a couple of months Google opens with google.co.et when you enter http://www.google.com/, which means that google has a server in Ethiopia, and obviously has made arrangement with ETC, which is fully controlled by the TPLF. So now I open google with google.co.uk or google.de or google.fr .Anything controlled by the gang is suspicious.

To Addis Ferenji and Kazanchis I can just say that because of strict security measures under which I operate, there is no contact possible besides the blog and comments.I do not write in comments. I am sure they want me in Kaliti, so I am not making exceptions for anybody. See you when Ethiopia is free and democratic.

Source: http://nazret.com/blog/index.php?blog=13

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