June 8/2006

June 8/2005, the sepcial squads and police,under the direct control of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, followed his orders and shot dead more than a hundred peaceful protesters in Addis Ababa while wounding hundreds. On that and the coming days, thousands of citizens were rounded up and taken to concentration camps at Dedesa, Zwai ,etc... Quite a few of the demonstrators shot to death were victims of snipers placed on top of buildings. This gross violation of human rights and act of wanton murder has remained unpunished.
The repression took place after the may 1997 general election in which the EPRDF/front in power/ reportedly lost but resorted to fraud and rigging. People were protesting against this "daylight robbery of their voices/votes" when the regime unleashed its squads and special force against them. Subsequently, the whole leadership of the oppositoon CUDP was rounded up and the victims are still suffering incarceration in kaliti. Those taken to the rural holding camps were beaten systmatically and subjected to humiliation and ill treatment. More than fifty thousand are still being held while many have been forced underground or into exile.
The regime of Meles Zenawi has also jailed the journalists oft he incependent press including one seven months pregnant female journalist. In one sweep it has shut down all the independent press and left operational only the newspapers under its direct or indirect control. This repressive action against the free press coupled with the brutal repression has not hindered,alas, the USA and Britain among others, from giving more aid assistance to the Meles Zenawi regime.
SOCEPP remembers the martyrs and sends its solidarity to their kin and calls for the immediate release of all the political prisoners including the unjustly held and aharged CUDP leaders and journalists.
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