Killings and Public display of Civilian Corpses in Ethiopia

Reports from Qabri Dahar confirm the killings of six civilians by the Ethiopian militias stationed in and around the city. It is reported that two of the dead civilians were this morning, local time, dropped in the main market.
The two dead civilians are both in their early twenties and their names are Hassan Farah Odol (Shiine Gaab) and Deeq Ahmed Sahwi. City dwellers were reportedly barred from burying the two dead civilians. This display of corpses in public and the refusal to allow the locals to bury their dead ones have angered many civilians.
Eyewitnesses told our reporter that the corpses were taken back to the main Ethiopian militia garrison after a couple of hours. It is not known how the militias intend to dispose of these dead bodies Despite efforts to find out the names of the four remaining dead civilians, our reporter has been unable to get the names and the status of these four civilians who are said to have been killed this morning, local time.
Efforts are on going to trace the movement of the dead bodies, which are reported to be housed in the main military garrison in Qabri Dahar.
Eyewitnesses told our reporter that the dead civilians were among nine civilians who were recently kidnapped from the town of Tooni Ceel, which is part of the Qorahey province. The nine civilians were detained in the militia garrison. It is not known what happened to the remaining three civilians.
In a related development, new detention centers were recently created in the city of Jig Jiga. A man who was privy to planning of the creation of these new detention centers told our reporter in Jig Jiga that these centers are to be used to house those civilians kidnapped from towns and hamlets in order to put undue pressure on the locals.
This unnamed source intimated that these new centers are already housing up to forty eight young men and women whose whereabouts their next of kin have no idea. It appears that the Ethiopian militias and their superiors are using these detention centers as a hideout to torture, strangle and extrajudicially kill innocent Ogaden Somali civilians.

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