The Ethiopian regime An Acquiescent Agent for Securing Foreign Interests

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Dividing peoples and nations under the pretext of reconciling conflicts has become the trademark pursuit of the world's superpowers. Their adventurous tyrannies have escalated to a dangerous level and become more evident as of employing the TPLF regime as a mercenary to disturb the peace of our region, as result of which we are witnessing the recent developments in Somalia . It is an undeniable and unfortunate fact that the TPLF regime had completely disrupted the Ethiopian people's aspirations for a peaceful existence and fostered deep-rooted political differences among the different Ethiopian nationalities through their devious sub national politics. This pathetic regime did not even spare peoples across the border, and yet again sought to disrupt regional peace by launching repeated offensives against Eritrea . As if this was not enough, this mercenary clique gave rise to the dangerous possibility of another war by trespassing over a legal decision with the readily given blessing of its masters. The people of Sudan have also now and then fallen victim to the regime's regional-peace-disturbance campaign. Sudanese people living along the borders with Ethiopia have long since been appealing to their government to put an end to the regime's constant raids to occupy their land. Both this fact and the support they have shown for the peace agreement signed recently in Asmara only ascertain the Sudanese people's sincere desire for peace.
It would seem that nobody in the region is safe with the TPLF just around the corner, because the Kenyan sovereignty was not spared either. The clique had time and again been sending its troops across the Kenyan border under the pretext of attacking the Oromo opposition forces. Disgruntled by this open and deliberate violation of their sovereign borders, administrators in the northern parts of Kenya have been calling to their government to take decisive measures regarding the case. Continuing their adventurous crimes, the regime had also sought to con and put economic pressures on the Djiboutian in addition to the terrorist activities they carry out.
Hired to secure the interests of manipulators and monopolize to creating regional disturbance for their cowardliness, it has now been years since the TPLF occupied vast lands in the northern Somalia and established military bases there under the guise of preventing terrorist attacks and tracking down opposition forces. And it is no secret that the reasons behind the TPLF clique's open violations is to interfere in the internal Somali affairs on one hand and to obstruct the Somali peace process and prevent the establishment of a central government on the other. The recent developments in Somali have obviously come as a shock to the TPLF regime and to those constantly seeking to disrupt our region's peace and stability. Now that things are threatening towards the establishment of a central Somali government, a great deal of fuss is being made to destroy this new development before it leaves the ground by making use of the TPLF regime and equipping it with vast amounts of economic, military and food aid support.
When it is said that the TPLF regime violated the rule of international law, it may sound as if we are talking about a powerful regime, the truth however is quite the opposite. It is a decrepit and decayed regime administered entirely by none so other than the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States. There are even times the regime has to hear the violations of international law and the rejection of the Boundary Commission's decision maneuvered in its name in the media, having no inkling about it before hand. To put it more plainly, the TPLF is a mercenary regime selected for its spineless and disgraceful character.
The destruction and loss of opportunities inflicted upon the people of our region as a result of the regime's debased activities are not to be taken lightly. This not abiding, the regime is now trying to create more regional disturbance by conducting terrorist activities in Somalia under the pretext of preventing terrorist attacks. This fact alone clearly indicates the interference of super powers in others affairs is taking a decidedly dangerous route.

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