Ethiopian prisoners of conscious fear the worst

TPLF is increasing its maltreatment of the jailed CUDP leaders, journalists and social justice advocates. With the court hearing their case to have a summer recess soon and with the outside world giving less and less attention, the prisoners fear the worst. The signs indicate that their fear is not out of reality. Recently when a usual conflict occurred between other prisoners, the prison security officers gathered all the prisoners and told them that the persistent prison conflicts were occurring because of the CUDP leaders. In a clear attempt to instigate violence on the CUDP prisoners, one officer in particular said that other prisoners should watch out the CUDP leaders who caused the death of hundreds. Pro-TPLF police officers have also upped their verbal harassment. They were sometimes heard calling the prisoners "Traitors who sold Ethiopia to Somalia."
Those who had come from the countryside to visit the prisoners used to have a right of visitation on weekdays. Since last week, this right had been cancelled. Journalist Eskinder Nega was also transferred to Kerchelle last Thursday. His wife, Serkalem Fasil, remained in Kaliti. The couples used to see each other(without touching each other) on Weekends. The transfer of Eskinder has made that impossible. Serkalem is now suffering from sever depression as she left her unhealthy new baby to her mother and the prison authorities denied her of an opportunity to see her husband.
Prison sources said that all these are part of a systematic attempt to hurt the prisoners who are still showing incredible defiance and unbendable spirit.

Source: Ethio-Zagol

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the excellent coverage - it's really interesting to read what is happening to prisoners in Ethiopia.

It's hard to believe it actually - and yet we know it goes on worldwide.

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