EPPF Army foiled and repelled the Weyane army attack in Corondom area at Abde Rafi.

EPPF Army foiled and repelled the Weyane soldiers attack in Corondom area at Abde Rafi. EPPF killed 12, wounded 17 and captured 5 Weyane soldiers. EPPF captured numerous light and heavy weapons including 2 military communication equipments.In this attacks 4 EPPF Arbegnoch have sacrificed their lives for their country.
The Weyane regime is undertaking a policy of going into villages killing, imprisoning and torturing civilians to scare residents not to support or join EPPF.EPPF is intensifying its attacks on Weyane coercive machinery in all directions to avenge the killings of innocent Ethiopians.
EPPF refutes Weyane claim that only a single Weyane soldier was killed and that they compensated his familiy a sum of 5000 birr. EPPF would like to confirm that the Weyane regime has informed the death of local Weyane militias killed fighting with EPPF to over 60 families in the Abde Rafi alone.The Weyane regime has become uncomfortable with the amount of request for information made by families of Weyane militias and soldiers about the status of there loved ones. The extent of the damage inflicted upon Weyane by EPPF is becoming more apparent by the day.
EPPF request all Ethiopians inside and outside Ethiopia to unite and support the Ethiopian People's Patriotic Front struggle for freedom, unity and democracy in Ethiopia. EPPF requires all financial and material support from all Ethiopians around the world.

EPPF Command Center.

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