Closed door meeting convened by the Ethiopian militia heads in Qabri Dahar

Ogaden Online
Reports from Qabri Dahar city, the head quarters of the Tigrey militias deployed in Ogaden, confirm the existence of a secret, closed door meeting convened by the Ethiopian militia heads and attended by the so-called Somali militias. Attendees were reported to have come from all surrounding towns and hamlets. Those privy to the meeting indicate the attendance of 'elders' who recently came back from abroad. Sources add that also in attendance were people introduced as advocates of the advancement of Ethiopian interests within the Diaspora communities. So far there has been no public pronouncement about the objectives of this closed door meeting. Locals who are said to be in close contact with both the 'elders' as well as those from the Diaspora, have told our reporter that two important items were discussed in this meeting. The first item on the agenda, which took the longest and resulted the most acrimony, was the reintroduction and redoubling of military efforts to root out Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) fighers. A militia head chairing the meeting accused those present of not being honest about the fight against ONLF. The second and only other item under discussion was the proposal to convene a public gathering for all Qabri Dahar city dwellers. The proposed meeting is to be advertised as a peace building gathering. It is expected that a man named Fuluus, and Abdullahi Mohamed Sacdi, former Somali regional state president, are to attend and lead this proposed meeting. Fuluus recently arrived from the USA, and is said to be a critic of ONLF policies.

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