Artist Solomon Tekaligne is on his way to EPPF Military Front to perform live for EPPF Arbegnoch.

The prospect of a famous Ethiopian Artist such as Solomon Tekaligne visiting and performing at EPPF Military Front has become a major moral boost for EPPF Arbegnoch at the Front. EPPF Arbegnoch are over ecstatic and really appreciative of this very humble, brotherly and patriotic gesture.
The news of Solomon’s arrival schedule has made moral within the entire organization extremely high. The EPPF Arbegnoch, whom put their lives on the line for their country on a daily basis are eagerly waiting for Solomon Tekaligne’s arrival. The EPPF Military Band has also prepared a special performance to welcome the brave son of Ethiopia.
EPPF Army is still engaging the Weyane soldiers in different parts of the country. Many Ethiopian are still joining EPPF to take part in the fight against dictatorship in Ethiopia.
EPPF Information Center.

Click Here: Negat Radio's first interview with Artist Solomon Tekaligne & Journalist Demis Belete from Asmara

Negat Radio,DC, USA
28th July 2006

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