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June 6, 2006
The dictatorial despots in power are not the only danger to Ethiopian’s unity in the struggle for democracy and freedom. The threat to our unity and might also come from few in the Diaspora and at home who often repetitively fail to pay attention and unable to understand the demands of the majority of Ethiopians for generations by being obsessed only with their own blinkered and non evolving agendas, and allow the moments towards unity and democracy come to pause or lose its speed
The Ethiopian American Civic Advocacy (EACA) considers the newly formed Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) as very vital and critical accomplishment towards delivering the forgotten attention and demands that have been raised by our people for generations. We believe that AFD can be a great foundation and an important instrument to put political pressure against the regime in Ethiopia since it allows the various Ethiopian political groups speak and work together.
Therefore, we in the EACA again strongly encourage all Ethiopians both in the Diaspora and at home to take advantage of the historic opportunity of making a stronger political coalition (the formation AFD) in the struggle for democracy and assist the AFD on its struggle for a long lasting peace and democracy in Ethiopia. We believe Ethiopian groups and individual stake holders in politics need to learn to adjust to this newly formed, brilliant and forward-looking solution as it will potentially lead to overcome the divide and rule policy and to prevail over our long-lasting weakness to come together against our common adversaries.
If the promise we Ethiopians make to our people today is to bring a democratic government and to establish political freedom by empowering our people with Ethiopianness and to control their state through free exercise of their right of assembly, free speech, and the election of their officials who will determine the country’s constitution and enforce it subject to the consent of all Ethiopians, we in the EACA believe one must not have any infuriation to assist the newly formed AFD and its pledge of the Alliance:
Ensures liberty, peace, justice, and the rule of law;
Promotes peace in Ethiopia and the region, ensuring that the resulting peace dividend shall be enjoyed by all;
Lays the foundation for a fully democratic system in Ethiopia that meets the aspirations of all and address their grievances by instituting a genuinely representative political order;
Guarantees the supremacy of the rule of law based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and relevant United Nations Covenants;
Reaffirms respect for and commitment to the basic norms of international law and the principles enshrined in the Charter of the United Nations;
Achieves a new, just, and democratic Ethiopia where all human and democratic rights are fully respected; and
Genuinely and boldly addresses the serious issues in Ethiopia and amicably resolves the many intractable conflicts in the region thereby laying the foundations for lasting peace, democracy, stability and development.
Promote the core democratic values of the rule of law, equality before the law and liberty of the individual, individual and collective freedoms, popular participation in decision making, free and fair elections, separation of powers and the independence of the judiciary;
Develop the mutual. understanding and trust between parties, their members and constituents to boldly address the serious issues in Ethiopia that have been the root causes of conflicts lasting for generations and amicably resolve them thereby laying the foundations for lasting peace, democracy, stability and development throughout the region.
Together We Can Make A Difference
Ethiopian American Civic Advocacy

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