Meles Zenawi rushed to a Hospital in Tel Aviv

Meles Zenawi has been admitted to a hospital in Tel Aviv Tuesday night, after suffering massive stroke. Meles was taken to Tikur Anbesa Hospital from his bedroom after suffering a mild stroke, anonymous sources closer to his wife said.
These same sources are saying that his doctors discovered that stress and depression apparently contributed to the stroke.
According to reports from anonymous sources in Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi was taken to the Tikur Anbesa Hospital in Addis Ababa three nights ago and was conscious and able to speak but had complained that he is suffering from the massive stroke. He reached the hospital and was carried on the stretcher shortly before 1 A.m., and was admitted to the hospital's emergency room. He laid there for two hours until his wife decided to transfer him to Tel Aviv hospital under the advice of Mohammed Al Amoudin.
Meles was taken to a Tel Aviv hospital by a private jet which is owned by Mohammed Al Amoudin.
The anonymous Source states that Meles entered the hospital in Tel Aviv in an unconscious state.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hadassah Hospital located in Jursalem not in Tel Avive sir.Make correction

7:33 PM  
Blogger Ethiounited Moderator said...

The information I had on Thursday last week was that he was admitted in Tel Aviv hospital and he might have been transfered to Hadassah Hospital on the later days.

Thank you for the comment.

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Blogger board said...

Azeb Mesfin, wife of dictator Meles Zenawi faced humiliation in America at the Legacy of a Dream Award ceremony. TPLF Plc. - how the machinery has increasingly evolved into a business empire, corrupted by the convenience of power; lubricated by the decadent slogan that this is our historic moment to prosper and the reckless greed that breeds more insatiable and bottomless want. What is sad is that the TPLF Plc. Is engaged in entrenching itself as the next class of Ethiopian capitalist at the catastrophic expense of the poor Ethiopian people in a manner only a colonial conqueror sabotages its subject’s wellbeing and wealth.Aside from the addictive nature of corruption, the bottom-line for TPLF’s brazen exploitation emanates from two mistaken beliefs: firstly, now that the Amhara system had been dismantled now is our time and we shall make use of this opportune historic moment to lay the economic and political foundations that would transform us as Ethiopia’s future POWER brokers. The other self-serving excuse is that “We have been working hard to fight and come to power and what makes exploiting a country that has been (3000) years poor such a big deal.Azeb Mesfin and Tedros Adhanom and other major TPLF Plc players.

. Over a course of some period, the CDC materials that PLCU was supposed to bring for the Ministry of Health and the regional/Kilil Health Bureaus vanish. Yes, vanish into thin air. Imagine - these are millions of DOLLARS worth of state-of-the-art pharmaceutical, laboratory, medical and technological equipment. These equipment were reportedly sold in Ethiopia and throughout East Africa - that is, after PLCU Plc was equipped with these embezzled wealth and transformed into the only pharmaceutical and laboratory giant. Now the PLCU Plc. is one of the major components of the Dejena/EFFORT conglomerate.

The corruption and tyranny THAT President Obama talked about are these kinds of reckless and greedy acts of the strongmen of our country. Our people have the right to know the truth and advance their thoughts based on these facts in order to fasten the solutions.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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