Meles Zenawi aims to really dig his own grave in Ethiopia

I keep asking myself questions ever since the May Election which Kinijit won by a landslide through out the country.
"What would Meles gain if he hadn't jailed the leaders of the opposition?" is the main question, and "what options we would have had to prepare for the next battle?" is the next question but as far as the reality is concerned, I don't think that we should that much worry about to find answers for questions.
But there are other two questions to ask: Does Meles really have peaceful sleep at night? Does he really think that he has a life which one human being deserves to have? The answer is "NO".
He lost the battle which he joined or started. Meles may think that he will be in power for another four more years and took the option to jail himself at Emperor Menelik Palace.
What is he going to do now? Well, the way I see it, he should lick our wounds, and say to himself that it's all hopeless to stay in power and plot his escape from his sinking ship instead of preparing himself for a ruthless act agianst the people of Ethiopia.
Meles is a blunt, ill-mannered, rudely outspoken, and prone to disrespecting the people of Ethiopia, so it's not like he really has a choice in that matter but compounded by the law of the jungle attitude . His ill-manner doesn’t really get him anywhere. He is just alive but not really living. Seriously, what is he going to do about it?
Either he ought to run-away or take the "last option" which is the best solution to Ethiopians. Running away is the most appealing option, and Meles should admit that he has been preparing his luggage for quite some time, because we, Ethiopians, have been experiencing it and know it. It's the smartest and safest of all the options that he has, but now is not the time for it and may be tomorrow. There is no time to fight back to take the flight whether it is today or tomorrow.
Someone, Mengistu Hailemariam, can surely tell and give the advice to Meles from his experience how well he would do with this propose.
The election was a way to reconciliation and Ethiopians had already won and Meles knew that he lost the battle. To us, he should have said: yes, I lost the battle, and Ethiopian won the election War. Meles should have come up with a more important solution - a way out - he could have won the heart of the people.
After the election, The battle would have been a complete different ballgame if All that Meles had needed was to get out of the country. Ethiopians would love Meles to look at the option. Plus, Ethiopians would like to remind him that peace would be created as soon as he found his exit.
Well, It is wonderful in theory and all, but how could Meles be convinced to leave the country? He should have known that he is wasting time and energy. His cowardliness, negativity, and ignorance haven't helped him yet to become bigger, and an influence to this thinking and the method is so simple and it has been applied all over Africa.
It would be very beautiful hearing Meles groan. Believe that peaceful change or reconciliation with TPLF is now out of the question, and that Meles aims to really dig his own grave right where he is now. My advice, Meles should be content with "leaving Ethiopia alone".
The hope for any kind of future has not died yet, even if it is replaced with resentment and rage. With Democracy is no longer an option, as Meles has resorted a regime functioning with bullets, and using violence as the only choice to worsen the situation, Meles won't be able to keep himslef up for much longer. People lost all the hopes then it won’t be long.
If Meles wants to have a future to his kids and families, He just have to leave the country. He had had his chance to play the ball game, to make the game a little fair and to ensure that the election isn’t played by dictatorship.
It really is simple. Don’t let Ethiopia down.
For Meles, It's now or never!

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