World Bank is plundering Ethiopia

We, the Ethiopians, want the World Bank to know that the Ethiopians are neither responsible nor beneficiaries of the $447 million Loan. We are not responsible for any repayment that The World Bank/US/UK will be requesting in the future because World Bank knowingly lend the money to a regime that lost an election to opposition parties.
Governments who accepted World Bank loans have never been democratically elected by the peoples of the countries. We would like World Bank to know that World Bank will never be unjustly holding the people of Ethiopia responsible for the loans that it lent to the tyranny Regime, TPLF. The approach was completely inconsistent with the promotion of respect for human rights. As we know, TPLF is a murderer organization which is stationed in Ethiopia.
It is absurd for the people of Ethiopia to be held responsible for the loan that is completely out of the people's control. The US/UK-backed regime of TPLF borrowed the money from the World Bank. It is a fact that the future debt is actually held by the dictators, Meles Zenawi and his associates but not the people of Ethiopia. It is called Aid-to-TPLF!!!
The dictators, Meles Zenawi and his cronies are given the loan and the World Bank, in the future, have no right to ask for repayment of this loan from the future Ethiopians and democratically elected leaders who do respect the human rights and the freedom of Ethiopians, and Meles copious wealth, which can easily be found in UK and other Banks through out the world, will be enough to repay the future debt.
Meles borrowed the money from World Bank, and will use it to fatten his and his associates pockets, and deposit the rest away in his western countries bank account, and World Bank can not ask Ethiopians to pay back the loan. Period!!!

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