UEDF / EPRP = F "failure"

First, it may be appropriate to see the true history of the UEDF alliance parties, and to have some leads as to why it is of such great importance to all Ethiopians to know the true identity of UEDF and its leaders. As far as UEDF leaders are concerned, Political power is the focal point of their struggle in Ethiopia because they have been bound to the power struggle through out their history .
UEDF Press release or the leaders/members comment on The Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) spurred outrage and controversy for the last three days and it is a very well known fact who the real bots are to block the struggle for freedom of the people of Ethiopia.
Who is Aregawi Berhe?

He was one of the leaders of the TPLF from Adwa as are Meles Zenawi and Sebhat Nega. His slogans('down with Amhara domination' and 'Tigrayan self-determination') were raised at different parts of Tigray when he was a leader of TPLF. Aregawi Berhe was elected chairman of TPLF, the first central committee consisted of seven members from 'SAA'(Shire, Axum, Adwa) group, and head of the powerful Military Committee in 1979. He was a typical nationalist leader of TPLF which has been executing of protesters of TPLF/SAA over the end of 1970's as his former friends and colleagues, Meles and co., currently are murdering innocent Ethiopians.*

Why did he leave TPLF? The answer is "power".

Aregawi and co. and their former colleagues(Meles, Abay, Sebhat, and
seye/currently a prisoner) accuse of each other that it was a power struggle
that Aregawi left TPLF after refusing to accept a transfer from the position of
Military Commander to a position he considered to be a lesser important, a
contention which Aregawi denies.*
The EPRP leaders of UEDF start protesting The Alliance for Freedom and Democracy (AFD) on different issues such as the English language is being used on the meeting by the Coalition for Unity and Democracy Party (CUDP), the Ethiopian People's Patriotic Front (EPPF), the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF), the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), the Sidama Liberation Front (SLF); and the UEDF, which is dominated by EPRP members and usually its "out of touch" arguments, is opposing the very perspective of the meeting which they attended fully. The meeting was for Alliance to accomplish a specific goal or purpose which will benefit freedom to all Ethiopians from different groups in different ways.
UEDF has very different political understanding and purpose and it needs to stop its "old values" and "power struggle" on the suffering of innocent Ethiopians. UEDF acknowledges that it had had a dialogue with OLF on the preparation to creat an alliance prior to the invitation of the meeting in Holland, but now the leaders and members of UEDF/EPRP are spreading their usual anti_alliance propaganda on OLF and other groups as advocates of secession and anti_Ethiopia groups even though they admit that UEDF came with the initiation of being an alliance with OLF and others.
UEDF/EPRP accuses of EPLF being involved on the creation of AFD , as a matter of fact, in 1970's, EPRP was the first group that acknowledged the separation of Eritrea from Ethiopia and had been getting military supports from EPLF. Since then, it is a different story. UEDF/EPRP are playing their political gamble to take the attention of Ethiopians away from the struggle of freedom. It is a very easy political gamble to understand about the former EPRP cadres. One of the Meles buddies, Bereket Simon, will be considered as an example for failure of EPRP.
That is why we should give UEDF/EPRP = F.

*Peasant Revolution in Ethiopia - John Young

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