Oromo: Ethiopia Transfers 17 Oromo Prisoners at Karchalle Prison

Seventeen prisoners of conscience - including teen-age students - have been brought to the Kerchalle Prison in Addis Ababa from various parts of Oromia region, and they are being held without visits by their family members nor by known human rights groups, the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) reported on Thursday.
The following is the full text:
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Seventeen prisoners were brought to Kerchelle Prison from different parts of Oromia in connection with the nationwide Oromo public uprising that have been going against the dictatorial regime since November 2005. It was also known that some of the prisoners were brought to Karchallee Prison from Wallagaa, Amboo and some other parts of Oromia.
It was reported that neither the Red Cross nor their family members were allowed to visit them. The prisoners did not commit any crime and no charges have been brought forward against them. They are being tortured and abused because the security agents suspect them of participating in Oromo public uprising without any evidence. It is a known fact that government security agents torture prisoners in order to force confession of guilt.
Family members and relatives of the innocent prisoners of conscience appeal to all human rights groups, including Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and diplomatic missions to exert a pressure on the government to be allowed to visit them and facilitate the release of the victims. An appeal is also made to the organizations to force the government to stop the inhuman and barbaric acts against innocent citizens in the country in general and the Oromo people in particular.
The following prisoners of conscience are among those imprisoned:
1. Tsaayinash Alamuu Yoseef - 16-year-old student from Gimbii Comp Secondary School (physical injury to uterus - unable to conceive)
2. Galaanee Qixxeessaa Yaadataa - 16-year-old student from Gimbii paralysed after shot in the leg
3. Roomaan Addaamuu Baayisaa - 14-year-old student murdered in her home in Gimbii
4. Daawwiti Mokonnin Qinaaxxii - 18-year-old student from Gimbii tortured, now in hiding
5. Yahannis Mokonnin Qinaaxxii - 16-year-old student from Gimbii now in jail and condemned to endless court appearances
6. Zalaalem Mulaatuu Nagarii - 17-year-old student from Gimbii tortured and now lives in hiding
7. Gammachis Yoseef Ayyaanaa - 14-year-old student from Gimbii now lives in hiding after jailed for two months in Karchalle
NOTE - On the same day when Roomaan Addaamuu Baayisaa was murdered in her family’s residence, her 65 years old aunt was attacked by government security forces, causing severe damage (breakage) on her leg.

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