Elias Kifle vs. The Majority

First of all, let me express my sympathy with the whole situation Elias Kifle brought up to take the struggle away from the mind of Ethiopians in Diaspora. The Elias controversy had undoubtedly caused a little bit of damage to the struggle for the Ethiopians in Diaspora unity to free Ethiopia from Meles tyranny regime.

Ethiopians suspect that his recent attack and the previous ones by Elias and his groupings have been aimed at the CUD North America office and its leaders, Berhanu Mewa and Dr Seyoum, in general, and at CUD's strategy in particular. Ethiopians throughout the globe have, publicly, made very clear their anger at the actions of Elias and his group responsible for the damage which they are trying to spread on the struggle. Elias and his group have made it clear now that they are not part of our struggle, but why do Elias and his group persist with the claim to the title that they are "leaders" of CUD?

The erroneous claim by Elias and his group to be the "leaders of CUD" is a good indicator of exactly what they are about and the motivation behind their actions. Prior to the spread of their damage, they were given the opportunity at the meetings to put their suggestions and comments to delegates elected by and representing the entire membership of CUD in North America. Their views on the strategy and direction of CUD were rejected by the vast majority of those delegates. Having failed in what was essentially a bid for "leadership" this individuals then resigned from the struggle and, in a very deliberate and calculated way, set about trying to undermine both the duly elected leadership of CUD-NA and the strategy of the struggle which had been agreed and endorsed by the members. Their lack of credibility among the support base has caused them therefore to seek to gain legitimacy by trying to hijack the struggle of Ethiopians in Diaspora, and, by extension, trying to put themselves and their views ahead of the main issue.

Elias and Merchaw have done only disservice to the CUD cause. They have no coherent political strategy, they are not a credible alternative to the Ethiopia situation under Meles Regime. under this circumstances, Elias and Merchaw should stop name calling and they should do so sooner rather than later.

From the outset they exaggerated their numbers in their groupings and made a succession of sensational claims as to the scale of supporters, but they have little impact on struggle of Ethiopians to free Ethiopia from Woyane Regime. Arguably, actions that Elias group have carried out have been designed and timed, not only to derail the struggle under CUD, but also specifically to damage the whole Ethiopians struggle.

It is ridiculous for anyone to suggest we should allow them in interfering within our struggle. What we have to ask ourselves however is this: was it mere coincidence that at the point in history when our struggle was at its strongest, such seemingly reckless actions were carried out, actions which could only have the effect of damaging our struggle? People can draw their own conclusions on this.

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